Cruelty Free Brows & Lips! How to Fill in Brows for a Natural Look w/ NYX

Cruelty Free Makeup I NYX Brows & Lips 
I just got home from the drugstore, where I spotted some, new to me, drugstore eyebrow and lip makeup goodies from one of my favorite vegan & cruelty free makeup lines, NYX Professional Makeup. 

In my Youtube video below I show the exact drugstore makeup items that I picked up and give a brow tutorial showing how I use these products for natural looking, full and flawless brows. 

In my eyebrow tutorial today, I show how I always begin by first outlining my brows with a brow pencil. As you can see in the video, before I apply my brow products, my brows are very sparse. That's why I use a brow pencil to outline and sort of make a stencil for where I am going to fill in.

NYX Tinted Brow Masacra 
I fill-in with the eyebrow pencil and then I like to go over the pencil with a brow mascara product like this NYX tinted brow mascara that you’ll see me use in the video. This helps the brow pencil to stay in place and not transfer onto other areas of my face. 

Cruelty Free Eyebrow Products 

In this video today I used the Revolution Pro defined and fill brow pencil. It's priced at only $8 at Ulta beauty and I used the shade dark brown. I have been using this brow pencil for a few days now and I cannot believe how natural and effortless this drugstore brow pencil makes your eyebrows look.

It has an ultra fine tip and is retractable so you do not need a sharpener to keep it sharp. It creates thicker looking hair like strokes and it does come with a spooly on the opposite end on the pencil. You can use the spooly to blend the pencil through your eyebrows after you get the look that you’d like to create. 
Vegan Makeup 

Using the spooly helps to further create an easy, effortless, natural brow look, although this product surprisingly on its own does not need much blending or use of the spooly, unlike other high and brow pencils that I have used before. 

Revolution Pro, best drugstore eyebrow pencil, only available online at Ulta Beauty here.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara 

After I outlined and fill in my brows with the Revolution Pro brow pencil, I moved in to using the NYX Professional Makeup Tinted brow mascara. I truly could not love this product more. 

Drugstore Eyebrow Product 
It applies effortlessly, with just the right amount of product adhering to my brows. Although the spooly is on the larger side, it did not transfer the product on to other areas of my face. I felt as if my brows looked much more fuller and it definitely help to keep my brow pencil in place throughout the day.  With that being said, for my thoughts on this NYX Tinted Brow Mascara review I can definitely say this is an amazing product.

Purchase NYX Tinted Brow Mascara on Amazon at 

As seen in my Youtube video, I also purchased and tried out the NYX Tame and Frame Brow pomade..seriously the best drugstore brow pomade I've tried! I linked to it on Amazon below 

Drugstore Brow Pomade

NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade I Cruelty Free Drugstore Makeup 

I'm so glad I was able to show how to fill in eyebrows for a full and natural look and how I do my own eyebrows in this tutorial below. 

If you would love to have your eyebrows on fleek and love filling in your eyebrows, you'll love this NYX brow mascara and pomade..truly great drugstore brow products. I'm wearing the Revolution Pro eyebrow pencil, NYX Brow Mascara and NYX Pomade in the picture below. 

best setting spray 
These NYX products are definitely some of the best drugstore makeup of 2020. Especially for being cruelty free drugstore options, that makes this the best drugstore brow products for me. I'm also wearing in the above photo NYX Budapest lip cream and Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy palette for shadow. 

I also couldn’t resist picking up the NYX lip products shown in the video that I’ll list below: 

First Lip Look Shown in Video:
NYX Moonwalk 

NYX liquid suede Sandstorm 

Second Lip Combo Shown in Video:
NYX  lip liner  Sandstone 
NYX Liquid Lipstick 

NYX Liquid lipstick in Babydoll 

NYX Butter Gloss Fortune Cookie

NYX Fortune Cookie Butter Gloss

I also tried on NYX Budapest

Alegra Chetti Vegan Setting Spray 

You can also purchase my vegan, all natural, alcohol free setting spray, best setting spray for oily or dry skin on Amazon here 
Cruelty Free Brow Tutorial 

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