All About My Must Haves for That Time of the Month

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Hi Beauties! I’m popping in today to share my two true must haves for that time of the month... and that is Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads and Tampax Pearl Tampons. I absolutely love these two products and I am so grateful for how fresh, clean and confident they leave me feeling on my flow days. I love both of these products and today I thought I would share exactly how I use each of them.

Tampax Pearl; The #1 US Gynecologist Recommended Tampon brand - based on 2020 survey

The first product that I’ll speak about today is my all-time favorite, the Tampax Pearl Tampon. I absolutely love how Tampax Pearl Tampons have a special LeakGuard braid design that helps stop leaks..before they happen. 

Tampax Pearl Tampons come in a variety of absorbencies so that you are protected on your lightest of flow days, to your heaviest. The Tampax Pearl has five absorbencies which range from Light, to Regular, to Tampax Super, Super Plus and finally Ultra for your heaviest of flow days.

I personally am so grateful for the Ultra version of the Tampax Pearl when my flow is heaviest. There is absolutely nothing else that will do. It truly absorbs and leaves keep you feeling comfortable, fresh and protected. I truly feel more self confident when I use my Tampax Pearl Super Tampons, as I know and feel assured that leaks will be stopped in their tracks!

I also truly love how Tampax Pearl Tampons come housed in a small pearl applicator, with a smooth rounded tip. This allows for an anti-slip grip and the most comfortable of insertion. A lot of times I’m asked by girls if it is uncomfortable to use a tampon. I can truly and honestly say that with Tampax Pearl, there’s no need to worry. With it’s special design, Tampax Pearl Tampons are a gentle option and easy to use. I definitely think you will absolutely love them as much as I do.

I also love how Tampax Pocket Pearl Tampons also come housed in easy to open packaging. The outer wrapping of the Tampax Pearl Tampon is extremely durable. You can literally throw it in your bag and not worry about the tampon itself getting damaged. I don’t know how many times I’ve been scrambling to find a tampon even months later and I will find one of my Tampax Pearl Tampons, still perfectly wrapped, still in perfect condition ..even months after I initially purchased it. Such a lifesaver!

Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads; Zero Feel, Zero Leak Protection is Possible

Another great option for that time of the month are Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads. I know my sister absolutely loves these and she is very particular about what pads that she will use. She loves these for their super absorbing technology, which help minimize wetness quickly. They come in with an amazingly light and thin soft top sheet that absorbs like none other. They are so amazingly thin, so you hardly feel anything there.

Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads absorb up to 10 times their weight and are designed for leakage protection with microdots. These microdots might look like holes, but they actually designed for their super fast flow absorption. The microdots help to absorb the fluid deep inside of the Always Pad, helping you to feel cleaner. I know she loves the zero feel protection and the flexible shape of the Always Infinity sanitary pad. They leave you feeling clean and fresh, with up to 10 hours of leak free protection.

You can also wear Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads, as opposed to Tampax Pearl Tampons, when you’re going to need more than eight hours of protection that the Tampax Pearl Tampon provides. It is recommended to not wear a tampon more than eight hours, so on those days when I’m going to be, for example sleeping more than eight hours, I will switch to my Always Infinity Pads. Since they’re flexible, they move with your body comfortably and leave you feeling fresh, so I absolutely love these as well.

Always Infinity Pads and Tampax Pearl Tampons are both available at my favorite retailer Rite Aid. I absolutely love shopping at Rite Aid and cannot get enough of their wellness+ Rewards program. There are so many ways that being a member of the Rite Aid wellness+ Rewards program helps you to save.

Tampax Pearl Super

Rite Aid wellness+ rewards membership is free to join and; as a member, you receive, based on your points level, exclusive weekly members only pricing and special email offers.

Silver status enjoys at least 10% off all eligible in-store purchases, while Gold status enjoys at least 20% off all eligible in-store purchases. You also receive digital coupons earned on participating items and promotions throughout the store and online. You also save on pharmacy visits and earn rewards there as well. Plus, I can’t get enough of bonus cash as a member of Rite Aids Rewards program! It’s so exciting when the Rite Aid sales associate prints out your “cash” to use on more in store favorites!

Currently Always Infinity Pads are retailing for $6.99 at Rite Aid, and as a Rite Aid Rewards member, you’ll receive a special two dollar savings coupon, bringing price down to $4.99! Take advantage of these special Rite Aid savings here 

Tampax Pearl Tampons are also retailing for $6.99 and they also have a Rite Aid two dollar coupon which you can clip to save even more. I have never seen pricing like these for these two must haves items anywhere else! It’s truly a great time to stock up and save. 

These Promotions are Valid Only from July 27 until 8/2. These promotions can be also be found in the BrandSaver weekly paper (which can be found in stores) 

Available to purchase online here 

Always Maxi Pads

Make sure you join Rite Aid Rewards program today and take advantage of these amazing sale prices, P&G & manufacturer coupons before they end. Thanks so much to Tampax Pearl and Always Maxi Pads for partnering with me on today’s blog post.

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