What's New at the Drugstore 2021 I Loreal Foundation I New Drugstore Foundation

Today I'm hopping on with a what's new at the drugstore 2021, Loreal foundation, looks like skin foundation and new drugstore Foundation video. If you love to find the best drugstore foundations, I think I have definitely found one today to add to your arsenal. 

Beauty Tips No One Tells You About That You Should Try


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Before you walk out the door, there are a few beauty tips that no one tells you about. These are not your run-of-the-mill makeup tricks or hairstyling secrets either. Instead, they are beauty hacks that will make your day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable. You'll be surprised at how many of these little things can help.

7 Step Korean Skin Care I Best Korean Skincare 2021 I Skincare ASMR, Sensitive Skin Care Routine

Today I'm sharing my 7 Step Korean Skin Care, Best Korean Skincare 2021 from Skin1004! In this Skincare ASMR, Sensitive Skin Care Routine video, I share Kbeauty skin care products that have given me the glass skin look of my dreams! 

Empties Products I've Used Up I Makeup I Used Up I What's Good? What's Garbage?

Today I'm sharing an empties products I've used up, makeup I used up video. What's Good & What's Garbage? Let me know your thoughts! In this products I've used up video, I share product empties and answer the question what I repurchase? 

Weird Curly Hair Tools!! Curly Hair Device! Would you try it? #shorts

Today I'm sharing this weird curly hair tools by Chi. This curly hair device is how I curl my hair and I love how these curls last! You can also comb them out for a beachy waves hair look. Best part is, this weird hair device actually automatically curls your hair for you! 

Beauty Tools That Work! Anti Aging Tools for Face I Beauty Tools Worth Buying

Today I'm sharing beauty tools worth buying, beauty tools that work video. These anti aging tools for face truly work! These beauty tools are seriously beauty tools every girl needs, especially every girl who is a skin care addict like myself! These beauty tools for face are beauty tools worth buying for sure. These are definitely beauty tools that work and beauty tools you need! 

The Importance Of Using The Right Skincare

 Whether you are using your skincare routine to get clear skin or obtain better hydration, it is important to use the right skincare. Otherwise, you might not be able to achieve the results that you need. If you were not aware of the benefits of using the right skincare, here is everything that you need to know. 

Finding The Best Accommodation On Every Trip

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The doors to travel are finally opening up in many places around the world, after a long break that made it impossible for many people to see the world. As you have the chance to get out and make up for the vacations you’ve missed, it makes sense to work hard to find the very best accommodation to go with your idyllic locations. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring some of the best options you have when you’re going across the globe. You can always find the best places to stay, but you may have to do a little bit of work along the way.

Makeup Subscription Box Unboxing I Glossybox I $1 Beauty Box!!

Today I'm sharing a Makeup Subscription Box Unboxing for this Glossybox! Believe it or not, you can get a beauty box like this for only $1!! 

How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes I Magnetic Eyelashes Tutorial I Best Magnet Lashes

Hi Beauties! Today I'm Hopping in with a how to apply magnetic eyelashes and a magnetic eyelashes tutorial. I am so happy I finally figured out how to use these magnetic lashes and I now consider them the best magnetic eyelashes I've ever tried! How to apply magnetic lashes can be super easy with the magnetic lashes tips for applying magnetic lashes that I'm going to share today.

Testing Weird Tiktok Makeup I TikTok Made Me Buy It Makeup I Worst Thing I Ever Bought?!?!

Hi Beauties! Today I'm testing weird TikTok makeup, TikTtok made me buy it makeup. It's usually so much fun testing weird TikTok products but I don't know about today's makeup might be the biggest scam out there! Spoiler alert..but this testing weird products I found on TikTok video today was more like torture!

NEW Fantasy Island I Fantasy Island 2021 l What Can the Island Do For You?

Who else is excited for the New Fantasy Island TV show? This new Fantasy Island 2021 is going to be so good you guys! I'm a huge Fantasy Island fan and I can't wait for the Fantasy Island 2021 series. I was so addicted to watching the older Fantasy Island TV show episodes and I can't wait to see the reboot!

glossy glowy makeup routine I flawless dewy skin makeup tutorial #shorts

Sharing my favorite glossy glowy makeup routine and a flawless dewy skin makeup tutorial today. If you've been looking for a dewy makeup look tutorial and dewy makeup routines, than I hope you enjoy today's dewy makeup look.