What's New at Marshalls? Shop with Me πŸ’« Makeup Sales...Cheap Makeup!

Hi Beauties! Today I thought I would hop in and share a what’s new at Marshalls vlog and do a Marshalls shop with me #shorts today. In this shop with me video, I share some Marshalls finds and Marshalls makeup that are out of this world amazingly priced. 

NeW Colourpop Collection πŸ’« Colourpop Disney πŸ’« Eye Makeup 2021 #shorts

I couldn’t wait to put together a look using this new Colourpop collection 2021. This is the Colourpop Disney Bambi collection I'm using for this eye makeup look and I could not love it more!. This Disney Colourpop eyeshadow is so stunning and is also definitely budget friendly.

Perfume Collection 2021 πŸ’« Gucci Bloom, Prada Candy Perfume, Dior Perfumes #shorts

I was just at Ulta the other day and I spied some gorgeous new perfumes that I couldn’t wait to share with you Beauties! Some of the ones shown in this #shorts today are perfume staples, like the Miss Dior perfume but some, like this new Gucci Bloom perfume, I haven’t yet added to my perfume collection. Which leads me to ask which of these would you add to your perfume collection 2021?

One Brand Tutorial Too Faced πŸ’– Too Faced Born This Way Concealer 🌟 Full Face Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial I Kandee Johnson

Hi Beauties! Today I thought it would be super fun to share a one brand tutorial Too Faced. In this video, I show a full face makeup tutorial using the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer and lots more. This Too Faced full coverage concealer is amazing! It' s definitely a new Too Faced concealer favorite..I seriously could not love it more!

Chit Chat GRWM: Colourpop Bambi, Disney Makeup, Fake Friend Story Time

I was lucky enough to receive the Colourpop Bambi collection in PR and I couldn’t wait to unbox it and try it out with your beauties. In today’s chitchat get ready with me, I thought it would be really fun to try out this new make up 2021 from this Colourpop Disney collection. 

How to Blow Dry Hair πŸ’‡‍♀️ Blow Dry Brush πŸ’« Sleek Shiny Hair Tutorial #shorts

Hopping in today with a quick Youtube #shorts to share this how to blow dry hair, sleek shiny hair tutorial. Using a blow dry brush makes it super easy to get the at home blow out of your dreams! In this hair tutorial today, I show the hair tool that has totally changed my life and that is the Chi blow dry brush. The Revlon one step blow dry brush is also amazing so either one will do the trick. If you’re looking for a salon blowout and how to blow out your hair, then definitely pick up a blow dry brush it will change your life! It makes it super to achieve an easy at home blow out and will totally up your hair routine game.

Eat Healthy With Me 🍌 Healthy Food πŸ₯¦ Vegan Weight Loss 🍎 Vegan What I Eat in a Day

Hi Beauties! I thought I would hop on today with and an eat healthy with me, healthy food, vegan weight loss vlog. In today’s video, I share vegan what I eat in a day and what I eat in a day vegan healthy diet.

What’s New at the Drugstore πŸ€” Revlon Foundation I New Drugstore Makeup 2021

Hi Beauties! Today I am sharing what’s new at the drugstore and it’s some really great new stuff! I picked up this Revlon foundation which is new drugstore makeup 2021. It is seriously phenomenal you guys!

FREE Giveaway πŸŽ‰ Chanel Giveaway 🌟 Luxury Giveaway 2021 πŸ‘› Chanel Reveal..

Hi Beauties! I’ve been having a closet clean out and so I thought it would be super fun today to have a Chanel giveaway! In today’s video I am having a free giveaway for for these Chanel sunglasses that are just too gorgeous for words. 

NEW Makeup 2021 πŸ’« Huda Beauty Foundation πŸ’« Dior Lipstick 🌟 Worth the Money?!

I stopped into Sephora the other day and I’m so happy that I was able to pick up some new makeup 2021. I purchased the Huda Beauty foundation and some new Dior lipstick. Are these worth the money?

Better Than Sex Mascara πŸ’– Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara πŸ’– #shorts

Hi Beauties! I just wanted to hop on today and share this #Shorts of the Too Faced Cosmetics Better Than Sex Mascara. I couldn’t wait to share a demo and show a side by side real time..of exactly how amazing this Too Faced mascara truly is!

Skin Care Products I’ve Used Up 🌟 Murad, GlamGlow, Rodial, Sunday Riley πŸ’« Products I've Used Up 2021

Today I’m hopping on with a skin care products I’ve used up video. The skincare that I’m going to show today, and give my review on, is from Murad, GlamGlow, Sunday Riley, Sephora Skincare, Rodial  and more. In this products I’ve used up 2021 video, I am sharing these products that I mostly absolutely loved and that’s why I used them all up  πŸ˜† 

Get Ready with Me 2021 πŸ’« Day in the Life of An Influencer

Hi Beauties! Today I thought that be fun to share a get ready with me 2021. In this grwm video, I’m sharing a day in the life of an influencer while I get ready to shoot some social media influencer content. 

New Nude Lips I Dose of Colors Haul I Nude Lipliner I New Makeup 2021

Today I am sharing some gorgeous new nude lips that I just picked up. I did a mini Dose of Colors haul and I picked up the Thanks for the Love lip set. In this set, there are three of some of the best nude lipsticks I have ever, a nude lipliner for only $39!