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I'm hopping on today to share a how to do eyeliner for hooded eyes beginner friendly! Many of you Beauties can probably tell just by looking at me, especially when I zoom in a little closer, I do have super hooded eyes so I am more than glad to share today how to do eyeliner for hoodedeyes because I know how real the struggle is and I truly believe that today's tips and tricks that I'm going to share are really going to be total game changers for for you!

 Now before you apply your wing liner you might want to start by taking a kind of neutral toned eyeshadow and applying that into the crease of your eye I love this palette for example here from Mac this is the Amber times n palette this is a great little palette right here and it has some beautiful neutral toned Shades in it so you want to take a mediumsized fluffy brush and this one here is from Smith this is the 235 but any sort of midsize fluffy brush will do and you just dip into you know again you can use any warm tone neutral tone shade and you just want to run that along the crease so you can look at your eye where the hooding is resting so hopefully you can see here my hooding is resting right about here now to disguise that and to make the eye look bigger go ahead and take your fluffy brush with the Shadow on it and just starting in the center of your eye just wiggle the brush back and forth I'm just going like this and with that motion we're just depositing the color into the crease which is going to help your eye to look larger it's going to help disguise the hooding so it's going to actually give you the illusion of having more lid space so I hope you can see here already the difference how just applying that one shadow really helped my eyes to look bigger it helped to disguise the folding of my hooding onto my lid also use bronzer to do this and then I'll just go ahead and do the same thing on the other eye again we're just going to start in the middle of the eye and wiggle the brush back and forth.

so now it's time to apply your winged liner go ahead and take the liner of your choice I'm going to use this black one here today from Kaja but you can also use a brown tone eyeliner and that will give you a more natural look so for today's purposes though I'm going to do the black liner this is again a black liquid liner just so you can really see it very clearly so what you want to do for us hooded eye beauties this is really going to help you out is to take your winged liner and you want to start at the outer corner of your eye and you just want to take it and flick it outwards and just make a small flick motion like that you don't want to do any more than that at this point in time unless of course you'd like to make it more more dramatic Wing liner you can go out as far as you like and you will use the same steps that I'm going to show you today but for today's look I'm just going to do a very small wing liner look so now that we have that very small line there you're not going to take it back over like you might have seen other people do before what you're going to do is start from the top of this Wing right here and you're going to bring it almost backwards back into the eye so you're taking it from the tip of the first line that we laid down down and then you're going to go in backwards and then go ahead and fill in that Gap right there the space with your liner and you can go ahead and take your finger or a brush and just clean up the line to make it super sharp looking but that's pretty much it that's all you have to do and you will have the perfect winged liner for hooded eyes this winged liner is not going to transfer into your hooding it's going to stay put and it's going to make your eyes look bigger it's just so easy to do now at this point in time you can go back in to your upper lash line and make another line I'm just going to start right about here and we're just going to connect all the lines at this point in time just like that so now in essence we've made three lines the first line we put we pulled outwards then we came down on an angle from the top of the first line and then now we're just making another line right along the lashes and connecting all three and there you go of course you can also just leave the little wing on the end which I absolutely love that look normally that is what I do but just to show you another option this is a more glamorous kind of look if you'd like that type of look go ahead and make this third line along your lashes along your upper lashes so let's go ahead and do this eye now we're going to do the same thing we're going to just cck outwards very small motion just a little flick and it's going outwards but also a little bit on an angle upwards and then again we're going to come from the top and bring it down and then we're just going to fill in that little spot right there so as you can see we have two different looks here this again is the one with the whole upper eye area lined into the wing but right here we just did a small wing but it's all up to your preference what kind of look that you'd like to create for the day either look is definitely gorgeous and will look amazing on you.

how to do eyeliner for hooded eyes beginner friendly

 Now just to show you one more option that you can do after you've put on your liner you can go ahead and take a small smudger brush you can take a brush like this this is the morphe m165 and now you can take this brush and you can take a little bit of brown eye shadow of course if you want to make a really Glam look you can take black eyeshadow but just take a brush like this a smudger brush and you can just place it on top of the winged liner and just kind of rub the brush back and forth and put the Shadow on top and it's just going to give you a much more softer diffused look so of course you can always do your winged liner more of a sharp and crisp line like this we'll leave it like that and that'll you can see how it looks when it's very sharp and crisp or this one is going to be more smoked out just to give you a different look and a different option and it's just going to be a much more softer look of course again you could have always left it like it looked before we put the Shadow on but I just wanted to show you another option where you can put Shadow on top of the eyeliner smudge it out and it's just going to look much more softer and diffused. 

Now, after this you can go ahead and apply faux lashes or you can go ahead and apply your favorite mascara and I personally love to just wear mascara at this point in time there's so many great mascaras out there but first it's super important to curl your lashes so I'm going to go ahead and do that now and curling your lashes makes such a huge difference in just pulling your entire look together so it's definitely a step that you don't want to skip and then go ahead and take your mascara this here is the Mac stacked mascara and I'm just going to apply a few coats of this this mascara is actually on sale right now it's only $14 at Ulta for the full size so this is a great time to pick up this mascara it's absolutely phenomenal how big it makes your eyes look how much more wide awake and it has never transferred into my hooding personally it doesn't  flake, it does stay put and as you can see here I'm putting it on it's not getting into my hooding if you're like me a lot of mascaras will right away transfer into my hooding but this does not .

So there you have it, beauties! which look do you like better? I personally like I do like both so it just depends on the occasion or what look you're going for for every day I would definitely just do a small wing but for more glamorous for date nights and events and parties and wedding events and things like that I would definitely do this eye but let me know down below which look you like better so this is the finished look.

I hope you enjoyed these makeup tips and tricks for hooded eye Beauties today I hope these help you out and I hope that you're able to create the makeup look of your dreams if you have any questions you can message me on Instagram and I will get back to you as soon as possible but I think you'll be able to do this pretty quick and easy just take some time to practice eventually you'll get the hang of it just practice and you will have your hooded eyes with that perfect winged liner look in no time so thank you so much for spending time with me today don't forget to subscribe if you're not already subscribed and don't forget to give me a thumbs up if you like today's video so that's pretty much it I hope you're all doing good and I'll see you in the next one bye

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