Jeffree Star Blood Lust & Jaclyn Hill Vol 2 Palettes Giveaway!

Jeffree Star Bloodlust Palette Giveaway 
Hi Beauties! A lot of you might already know, every 27th of the month I have a huge makeup giveaway. Today is no different and I’m super excited to be sharing with you some amazing new makeup and beauty products that have just hit the market.

Jeffree Star Blood Lust 
 One of the newest, highly anticipated items that has just been released, is the Jeffree Star Blood Lust palette. The Bloodlust palette is the new Jeffree star palette & the follow up to his super iconic Conspiracy palette.  The Conspiracy palette is the palette that Jeffree Star collaborated with Youtuber Shane Dawson to create.

The Blood Lust palette has been referred to as the Jeffree Star purple palette, because of the array of purple eyeshadow shades in the palette. 

The shades in this 18 pan eyeshadow palette range from shimmery pinks to majestic, rich purples to intense matte darks. With the new Jeffree Star Blood Lust palette you’re definitely  going to have a wide range of eyeshadow finishes to play with. 

From mattes, to metallics, to duo chrome formulations, there is also a brand new extreme wet formula shadow in the palette that, according to beautylish contains “blinding pearls and liquid binders for an intensely sexy wet affect“.

I’m so happy I was able to include the Bloodlust palette in this months huge monthly makeup giveaway, that you can watch here

I did purchase this vegan, cruelty free makeup palette on beautylish, where they do offer flexible payment options. You can receive Jeffree Star new palette 2020, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Bloodlust palette for two easy payments of $27 or pay the full $54 upfront.

Also a part of the Blood Lust collection is a new line of Bloodlust lip glosses available in a bundle called The Gloss Bundle. These new Jeffree star lip glosses are housed in a gorgeous purple chrome packaging, which I think looks absolutely stunning from the beautylish website.
Jeffree Star Lipgloss

 I would love to order this lipgloss bundle but it's currently sold out. I am on the waiting list so hopefully I’ll get my hands on this amazing looking bundle soon.

The Bloodlust palette is also available on the Jeffree star website here , where you can also pick up the Jeffree star mystery boxes and Jeffree Star straws.

 I’ve watched a few YouTube videos showing the contents of many of the Jeffree star mystery boxes and they look absolutely amazing. I know I myself did purchase a mystery box myself and I was really surprised at the makeup items that were inside. 

I received several items that would have cost way more than the box price of the box itself. A great Jeffree Star premium mystery box spoiler video I watched recently I'll link below. 

This Jeffree Star Mystery Box 2020, the Jeffree Star Valentines Mystery Unboxing video was so good! Definitely check this video out, she is also having a giveaway herself. I think this would be such a great giveaway to take part in.. aside from my own of course!

Also included in my huge monthly make up giveaway this month, is the Bretman Rock Wet n Wild palette. This pallet is beyond stunning & also cruelty free. I have used the brushes from this collection and they are really phenomenal. You can purchase the Bretman Rock Wet n Wild collection here  and definitely take part in my giveaway where I’m also giving away quite a few Bretman Rock Wet n Wild items, including the mascara.

Jaclyn Hill Volume 2 Palette Giveaway 
To enter into my huge giveaway all you have to do is be a subscriber to my YouTube channel. For extra entries, you can follow me on Instagram here, where I do use the Instagram giveaway picker to pick winners for my pop-up giveaways, in addition to my huge monthly makeup giveaways. 

If you are interested in how to do a giveaway on Instagram, definitely contact me as I would love to collab and host a giveaway with other beauty lovers. It’s so much fun to have giveaways and spread positivity and fun throughout the beauty community.

Jeffree Star BloodLust  Giveaway 

Also included in my huge makeup giveaway, is the Becca champagne pop highlighter, which was originally created by Jaclyn Hill. This is such a stunning highlighter that I’m super excited to be able to have in this months giveaway. 

Just for my blog subscribers, and I will also be posting this on Instagram, I am going to be giving away a Jacklyn Hill volume two palette. This new Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette 2 is filled with great every day warm tone shades, and also a variety of vibrant shades as well. 

If you’d like to take part to enter my Jaclyn Hill palette volume 2 giveaway, just leave a comment below and also be a subscriber to my Instagram as well as YouTube channels.

 Definitely watch the full video above  to see everything in store, there is plenty more for you beauties! Amazing new Covergirl cruelty free makeup Clean Fresh foundation, Makeup Revolution palettes and much, much more! I will be picking the winner of this huge giveaway on March 27.. I cannot wait to see who wins!

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