75% OFF Bath & Body Works!!Biggest Ever Semi Annual Sale!!

I just found out that Bath and Body Works biggest ever semi annual sale has just kicked off. They’re offering 75% off three wick candles, body lotions, fragrances, wallflowers, hand sanitizers and more! If you’re a Bath and Bodyworks addict like I am, now is the time to take advantage of these amazing sale prices.
This is said to be the biggest ever Bath and Body Works Semi Annual sale ever held. You definitely don’t want to miss out! As soon as items sell out, they’re gone for good at these prices. It’s your last chance of 2019 to shop Bath & Body Works at these prices, so stock up while you can! These Bath and Body Works semi annual sale 2020 prices are too amazing to pass up!
Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale 2019 thru 2020
A lot of people have asked me how long is Bath and Body Semi Annual Sale and I can only say, from what I read online, the Bath and Body Works After Christmas Sale will end once sale items run out.  

Bath and Body Works After Christmas Sale
Many of the three wick candles on sale might seem to be Christmas Holiday themed, but I can attest to the fact that they many of them just smell amazingly cozy and many of these candles and scents would smell incredible in your home year round. 

Bath and Body Works 

Bath and Body Works SAS
My absolute favorite candle from Bath and Body Works is the Hot Cocoa and Cream candle. This candle would for sure make your home smell so good year-round. You can always save it for next year too, for fall and winter months.  I definitely  think it would be great to use throughout the rest of this winter and this would even smell amazing in the summer as well. It’s just a creamy, delicious warm and cozy scent that I could definitely see using no matter the season. 

There are said to be a few promo codes and coupons that you can use during the sale but unfortunately I do not have access to them. I do believe there is a paper coupon offering $10 off but again, I sadly enough don't  have access to that coupon right now either. You would need to have it in your hand to shop with it but if you can find out how to get one, then definitely hold onto it and take it in store with you. You’ll save an extra $10 on your order! 

There is also said to be an email coupon which was sent out. I also did not get this coupon so I don’t have it unfortunately to share a promo code with you today, but hopefully one of you reading this or watching my YouTube video below will have a promo code. Then I'll pop back in and share it with you. 

I do believe the sale ends once stock is sold out at this point in time. There is no date given as to when the sale ends, so it’s best that if you are a Bath and Body Works or candle addict, to shop now before they do sell out. I did see the Winter Candle Apple candle is currently in stock and that aways sells out fast!

The Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale 2019 start date is December 26th. You can Shop the Bath and Body Works SAS here.

Let me know if you have a Bath and Body Works promo code; I'd love to be able to share it with you all.

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