NYC Holiday Shopping! Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & More Winter Fashion

I'm so happy after six months of travel, we are finally back home in New York! It feels amazing to be back and don't be fooled. The cold weather is so nice and refreshing...I just love it! The air is crisp and festive and all the outfits I can wear now ?! From coats, to boots, to booties & more.. I can't get enough! 

Amazon Runner Home Decor

Since we only got home a few days ago, first things first, we had to get our holiday Christmas shopping done. So of course, we had to go on a luxury Christmas shopping spree and treat everyone special in our lives that we've missed so much!! For our first destination, we went to the Westchester Mall, in White Plains New York. A certain fashion lover in our lives has a serious Louis Vuitton addiction and we definitely don't want to disappoint.

Louis Vuitton The Westchester, Louis Vuitton Crossbody
Louis Vuitton Sunglasses 
Unfortunately, they didn't have what we were looking for in stock; but the SA was good enough look up the LV inventory in his system. He  found out there was only one left, in the entire country, and it was at the Louis Vuitton Fifth Ave location.  He requested they hold it for us, so my husband and I hopped in our car for the 30 minute drive into the city.
Louis Vuitton Fifth Ave Exotic Leathers
Louis Vuitton Exotic Capucines
Louis Vuitton Capucines
We got extremely lucky because there was no traffic and we made it there just in time before closing.  The Fifth Avenue Louis Vuitton had so many stunning bags I'd never seen before. I was just basically drooling over everything!

The SA there was also one of the nicest I'd ever met, although they really all are to be honest. He was so patient and helpful. 

Louis Vuitton Fifth Ave NYC

Louis Vuitton Fifth Ave NYC
The next day we actually had to head back to the Westchester Mall again for more luxury shopping, which you can see in my Youtube video. We just have to spoil these beauties in our life!! 

In these photos, I'm wearing the following winter fashion items: 

Faux Leather Skinny Jeans, as seen in above photos

Amazon Fashion Dream Thigh High Boots

High Waist Lux tights

Amazon Fashion Tweed Bodycon Skirt

Louis Vuitton New Wave Cross Body

Shein ruffled sleeve top..obsessed!

Amazon Home Decor, Blog Coming Soon Showing Everything I Purchased in the Youtube Vlogmas's all so more than good! 

Amazon Rug

Amazon Crystal Candle Holders, Two in a Set

Taller Version, Two in A Set

Bed & Bath Hot Coco Candle..Smells Amazing! My husband thought I was baking brownies!

Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam Room Spray. This smells incredible! We spray it on our faux Christmas tree and it just smells like heaven! Better than high end versions I had previously purchased.

Best Setting Spray

Don't Forget to Pack Your Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist  Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist This Holiday Season. Mist throughout the day for a glowing, youthful skin Finish. It's made of the purest all natural ingredients for a radiant and smoother complexion . As a makeup setting spray, use before and after your makeup application for absolutely stunning finish, with longer lasting makeup too. Plus did I mention it smells amazing as well?! Alegra Chetti Beauty is  Vegan, Cruelty Free Beauty, Made in the USA. Purchase on Amazon Here

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