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Meditating Under a Juniper Tree in Sedona/  Sedona Energy Vortex 
One of my favorite places to travel to is Flagstaff, Arizona. Before coming to Arizona, I always imagined Arizona to be all red rock and desert landscapes. But while driving cross country one year, I came to discover the beautiful evergreen forestry that Arizona is also home to and it is simply glorious! 

My husband and I originally wound up stopping in Flagstaff afer a long day of driving on our way from New York City to Los Angeles. Weather permitting, we usually take Interstate 70 into I40. We then take that into the I210 and then make our way into Pasadena. 
Flagstaff is located right off I40 and hotels are easy to get to. With that being said, exhausted one trip, we pulled over to the nearest hotel in this truly unique town. 

Flagstaff is tucked into the Coconino National Forest and here, you are surrounded by stunning Ponderosa pine trees. They fill the air with the most amazing, glorious scent. Immediately, you breathe in incredibly crisp and clean fresh air that leaves you feeling completely alive and revitalized.

The first time we stopped here we stayed at the LaQuinta, which is very close to the old town. Old town Flagstaff is filled shops  offering unique and one of a kind offerings and has a vibrant nightlife. 

Since that first Flagstaff stay at the La Quinta, we've now been staying at the Sonesta ES Suites, located more on the outskirts of  Flagstaff, but worth it. The suites look and feel super high end, although the prices definitely are not.
 Our suite featured a cozy fireplace and wood fenced in backyard area for the dogs to play. Sonesta Suites also offer the most delicious all inclusive breakfast, which has on hand a large selection of fresh muffins, fruit, palettes and a hearty and filling oatmeal, in additon to coffee, tea and juices. 
The beds are fitted with high thread count sheets and down pillows, guaranteeing a better than good nights sleep. Another high point is the Sonesta being pet friendly. The rooms are also furnished with new furnishings, as well as a full size refrigerator and kitchen space to cook, if you wish. 

In old town Flagstaff, my favorite thing to do is visit  MartAnne's Burrito Place for the most amazing Mexican food, Crystal Magic for the most beautiful crystals; and then a stop into another favorite, the Firecreek Coffee Company, for a delicious, rich bodied espresso.

Founded in 1871, old town Flagstaff truly feels like you have gone back in time with many of the original old stone buildings still in tact. As you wander down history filled streets, you cant help but feel an almost haunted, other world feeling in the air. The Hotel Weatherford, opened in 1900 is still open to this day and  guests included everyone from Wild West gunslingers, like Wyatt Earp to President Roosevelt. 

Another historic hotel in old town Flagstaff, The Hotel Monte Vista, is also said to be haunted. This area was considered the Red light District of Flagstaff, with ladies of the night meeting clientele  who would take the nearby train into town for a wild night out, business or both.  The Hotel Monte Vista is said to be haunted by two of these ladies who were murdered at the hotel one unfortunate one night. In addition,  there are many other spirits, ghosts and poltergeists also said to inhabit this Spanish style hotel. You can read more about these entities here

On trips to Flagstaff, I've visted the Grand Canyon, only about 45 minutes away and Sedona, about 45 minutes away as well, although in the opposite direction of the Grand Canyon.

While driving to Sedona from Flagstaff, you pass through incredible green mountains, then down into the glorious red rocks of Sedona. Along the way, Native Americans sell handmade items on the side of the road, for amazing  prices.  Its so nice to stop and talk with them and learn about their beautiful culture and their lives here in this enchanted place.

Although many people love Sedona's red rocks and new age vibe, I personally prefer the majestic greenery of Flagstaff and its old historic places. Flagstaff vacationers also love skiing at the Arizona  Snowbowl, something I'l have to try on my next trip! Definitely  looks like alot fun. You can learn more about their services  at

With Flagstaff being in such close proximity to so much natural glory, its no surprise its  known as the "The City of Seven Wonders" It truly is a beyond amazing place.

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