I'm here in Pasadena, CA for the next few months for work and so first things first, I had to find a Whole Foods and stock up my fridge with healthy yummy treats! This Whole Foods in Pasadena, like all Whole Foods I suppose, is large, inviting and beautifully well lit. Perfect to show off the array of gorgeous colors of all the delicious, healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables I love so much!
When you first walk in this Whole Foods in LA, you are greeted by a rainbow of veggie delights. Full ripe avocados, plump and sweet green grapes, vibrant orange and yellow citrus fruits..all just waiting for you to pluck them up and take them home!

Currently, I've been trying to eat an avocado every day and I am feeling amazing bc of it! When you mash and warm one up, they are so filling and make me feel like I'm eating mash potatoes, something I try not too eat to much of anymore.
I love how creamy and just delicious avocados are when eaten this way and they really make me feel that much fuller and satisfied longer. They are the perfect side dish to almost any meal!

Another item I love to pick up from Whole Foods is their pre cut up veggies. These veggies stored in the freezer section of produce, make it so easy to cook up quick stirfrys, hearty soups, easy vegetarian and vegan meals or drop them in your blender or nutribullet for a super healthy smoothie bursting with greens sure to make you feel energized, healthy and alive!

My friend Timmy told me how he loves to buy the cut up, pre packed fresh cauliflower rice and use it in place of rice in soups. I tried this the other day and it was so delicious! I liked it so much better than when I saute cauliflower rice, which can be hit or miss for me. Sometimes I love it and sometimes it just doesn't come out right  and I wind up just throwing it away. But in soups, it is always 100% perfect in my experience!

One quick and easy vegetarian meal I love is simply pouring a some coconut  or olive oil in the bottom of my pan, enough to coat the entire bottom, then dumping in a package of pre cut veggies of choice. I love cut up onions mixes. Saute these a few minutes and then pour in some water, vegetable or chicken stock, enough to cover your veggies. If you do use onion, it will begin to turn clear when sautéed enough. Bring to a boil then simmer with the lid on for about 40 minutes minutes (time depending on how soft you prefer your veggies)  and you're done!
Add in your favorite spices too, my favorite is Goya powder which has the perfect amount of garlic, black pepper, oregano and turmeric, adding a delicious flavor to any meal. Turmeric in itself is so healthy for you. I love to use it as much as possible in cooking.
You can also mix in noodles to your soup, chicken, beef, anything you're craving for an easy delicious, fresh and healthy meal!

If you're using meats like chicken, add and brown those first with the oil before adding the broth.
I love to add low carb noodles like Shirataki Skinny Spaghetti or Miracle Noodles, also low carb to my soups and stir fry .

If they don't offer these low carb noodles where you live, you can purchase them on Amazon by clicking the links below.

Goya Seasoning

A few other items I love to purchase at Whole Foods, include my favorite supplements. I love the Vega One protein and greens powder and the Rescue Remedy spray for all natural anxiety relief.

The Rescue Remedy Spray truly has been a huge help in my life, naturally helping alleviate my anxiety. I just have to remember to use it. Its so hard to focus and think clearly when an anxiety attack comes on. But I'm trying and thankfully I do remember alot of times to take it and spray in my mouth about 5-6 times. It truly works!

Another healthy low carb snack Im loving,  are these crackers from a company called Jilz. They are so delicious, gluten free, paleo and low carb! Made of only sesame seeds, almond flour, sunflower seed flour and more they are simply beyond scrumptious! Ten crackers have only seven carbs and they have a few different seasoned versions to choose from. I purchased the Tucson flavor, which have Italian herbs, lemon peel and rosemary oil seasoning, so delicious!

You can  purchase these amazing low carb, paleo crackers on Amazon at

Sea Salt Flavor

Tucson Flavor

You can eat these crackers on their own or top them with a tofu cream cheese, like tofutti or regular cream chees if you follow a traditional low carb diet. I love to dip them in natural creamy peanut butter, so good!

Tofutti  is available by the case on Amazon.

Watch my video below  to go healthy food shopping with me at Whole Foods!

Let me know any of your favorite healthy snacks and Whole Food favorites!
Hope you're doing good! Talk to you soon!


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