KINGS OF LEON I HEART RADIO 2017! Caleb Followill LIVE! iheartradio Thea...

I couldn't believe it when I found out I was going to see Kings of Leon Live at the iheartradio theatre in LA ! In this LA Vlog video, you can see bts footage as Caleb Followill gets ready to perform and more from behind the scenes of  this amazing concert! 

The I Heart Radio Theatre in Burbank is a small, intimate performance space, which made the concert just that more special. 

I was able to watch from the VIP area, where they also provided lots of yummy snacks and beverages. Before the concert started, we  also went live on their Instagram feed. It was a lot of fun for me to live chat with fellow IG'ers and people from al over the world said hi on the I Heart Radio Instagram feed. 
 Kings of Leon fans were super excited to know when they could watch Kings performance themselves and we were glad to tell them. The concert will air on  February 17th on the  Direct TV/AT&T’s U-Verse channel, Audience Network. Kings of Leon performed new, as well as older hits and even though I was there for the live performance, I cant wait to see the filmed version! They were really that amazing! 

For copyright reasons,  I cannot play their stage performance music but it was incredible! So happy I was able to see them! 

Check out i heart radio on Instagram at  for great performance photos and more behind the scenes fun! 

Visit iheartradio online for Kings of Leon radio and more at

Hope your doing good! 

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