Going from Fat to Fit! My Weight Loss Journey + NEW Healthy Lifestyle!

Hi Loves! First of all, I want to say, when I say Fat, I don't mean a body shape or clothing size. I mean I was full of fat, fattening unhealthy foods, junk...fat is not a size bc you can be plus size and healthy and not fat imo.

In my weightloss and body transformation story today, I share how I was formerly full of dietary fat, unhealthy sugars and more and it was destroying my body, my health and even my emotional state.

Since Ive been eating healthy and have had gradual fat loss, I not only fit into my clothes better and feel more energized..but my mood swings and even depression has subsided naturally...just from cutting out the unhealthy sugars and junk!

I am still on my weight loss journey and do hope to have a greater weight loss by continuing to eat healthy food, healthy meals, practicing regular fitness and just living an all round healthy lifestyle! 

Since I've been eating healthy foods, I also noticed that my acne has cleared up and wrinkles on my face seem to have vanished! I am not even exaggerating and I believe its bc eating too much sugar is not beneficial for your skin. I have clearer, fresh, glowing skin now thanks to drinking lots of water and eating clean and healthy! I also no longer drink alcohol and truly feels amazing bc of it. 

I hope we can continue living healthy together, as I go from fat to fit!! 

I also want to add, I know Its hard to understand when you're young, but unhealthy foods are actually harming your body and cause serious illnesses like diabetes and worse. Its not harmful in small amounts, but to eat too much of it on a regular basis is destroying your body.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you how to lose weight fast, aside from healthy eating and exercising..I have lost over 10 lbs now but its taken me a month. The best lose weight program is probably going to suggest the same thing, it is really not only the best way to lose weight but the ONLY way. Taking drugs or self harming with bulimia or anorexia is not an option!

Aside from all that, Im so happy Im also beach living for now and Im just enjoying it while it lasts bc its amazing! To be able to ride my bike and just relax in the sun is so wonderful and I hope all of you get to experience it at least once in your life! 

Thanks so much for watching! I appreciate you all so much! Thank you for inspiring me to live a healthy guys inspire me so much too and Im super grateful! 

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