Waist Training, FaKE Friends, Q&A & MoRe! YouNow LIVECAM!

Hi Loves!! Im so happy I was able to go LIVE on YouNow Broadcast  This Week! I love going live and answering your Q&A! 
This week, Ive had to deal with Fake Friends and I tell my Cheating Boyfriend Story! 
I also share how I'm just starting to try using a waist trainer and am now on a weight loss journey. Im trying to lose weight and get that fit body I've dreamed of! 
Thanks for joining me and letting me share my storytime fake friends tale and for joining me in my weight loss transformation! 
I'm still that same laughing girl thanks to your funny Q&A!
Join me every other Tuesday  on YouNow where I'll answer your questions LIVE at

you can also leave your questions in the comments below and I'll answer them on my Livecam! 
If you love  livecam models, livecam girl, live girl camera, live free cam and live webcam models..this funny video is for you! I love using my web camera and going on the webcam site Younow! Web Cam  is so much fun and Im definitely going to do more Cams Online!
Thanks for watching! Talk to you soon!!!  

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