Fitness Model Vegan Italian Home Cooking! Yummy Vegetarian Easy Low Carb Meal!

Hi Loves! Im so excited to share with you this video I shot with Slaughda Radio & Definition Fitness! Check Out their Show 
 Butcha N Baka and their online personal training program, I'll list their info below 👇👇
They asked me to cook one of my favorite easy vegetarian for beginners recipes and this is what I came up with!
Its one of my favorite meals now that Im on a fitness model diet and feeling amazing! This is an example of the type of model diet I am eating now thats hoping me lose weight, get healthy  and feel 100% better and more confident in myself!
 Im all about eating healthy as a way of loving, respecting and treasuring yourself..not hurting yourself with unhealthy foods!
If you're a fitness girl or guy, or just interested in finding delicious easy vegetarian recipes, this video is for you! 
This recipe is an easy vegan diet recipe anyone can make!
With just a few simple ingrediates, you'll have  yummy vegetarian meals in no time! 
In this recipe I used only
olive oil
tofu crumbles
pasta zero noodles 
Ragu Tomato Sauce
and Veggie Parmesan Cheese
Thats it! 
Whether you're looking for a delicious vegan meal or want to transform yourself into a fitness model babe, I think you'll love this recipe! 

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