NEW Colourpop Makeup 2021 #shorts Colourpop Orchid You Not

Today I used the new Colourpop palette, the Colourpop Orchid You Not, for a purple eyeshadow look. This Colourpop Orchid You Not new Colourpop collection has the most gorgeous purple eyeshadow shades in it. This is definitely one of my best of Colourpop choices! 

This palette is definitely Colourpop cosmetics that is some of the most gorgeous makeup I have ever tried.

If you love purple eyeshadow and purple makeup, then you definitely have to check out this new Colourpop palette's 2021. The blushes in this Colourpop makeup collection are also stunning, as are the cream gel liners. I will have a more in-depth makeup tutorial for this look up soon. Don't forget to use my Colourpop code 5Alegra to save on your Colourpop order.

This New Colourpop Makeup 2021 palette is now available here See the tutorial for this look here

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