It's Past Time You Removed The Damage Done By Your Approach To Makeup Removal

 Nowadays, there’s more accessible information out there about every kind of makeup product and look than ever before. Yet, when it comes to removing makeup, there’s way less information about what you should and shouldn’t do. As a result, even those of us on the cutting edge of makeup in the moment can easily fall foul to sometimes costly removal mistakes. 


That’s a problem, especially when you consider that an imperfect surface is never a great starting point to perfect the latest makeup looks. The question is, what exactly do ‘makeup removal mistakes’ entail, and how can you avoid them for makeup-ready fresh skin every single morning?

Mistake 1: Using harsh cleaners

Often, makeup lovers approach removal with ease in mind, leaning on high impact cleaners or even makeup wipes to get the job done. Unfortunately, the often high chemical content in cleaners like these can do severe damage to your skin overall, especially if alcohol is on the ingredients list. To overcome this, it’s essential to reach instead for gentler cleaners that, ideally, moisturize as they remove. Natural options like coconut oil are becoming increasingly popular in this sense, as are famously gentle products like Cetaphil and Bioderma. 

Image by Alena Darmel: CC0 License

Mistake 2: Touching your face too much

Many of us don’t think twice about touching our faces during our makeup removal routines, and some of us will even go as far as to apply remover directly with our fingers. This is a problem considering that grease from our hands can cause spots, red patches, and irritability among other issues. If you’ve been making this mistake for years, then getting your skin back on track with options like extraction facials that deep clean your pores is essential. Only once you know you’ve removed all that nasty stuff can you feel the benefits of better habits like the use of soft cotton pads that can thoroughly clean blocked pores instead of adding to the onslaught every time you take your makeup off. 

Mistake 3: Not doing a thorough enough job

In keeping with the theme of clogged pores, it’s also essential to make sure that you’re doing a thorough job when removing your makeup, especially if you’ve used a setting spray to ensure that it lasts through the day. After all, even just a few remnants of foundation in your pores can suffocate your skin, resulting in spots and all manner of other visible issues. Some tips to implement that can especially ensure the complete removal efficiency that you need to avoid this eventuality include –

  • Using flat pads that cover the largest possible surface area
  • Focusing on often forgotten areas such as your eyes/nose
  • Cleaning with soap and water after removal
  • Using a cleanser as part of your skincare routine
  • Etc.

By ensuring that you take each of these essentials into account at the end of the day, you guarantee that even heavy makeup doesn’t need to end in unnecessary, and often hard to hide issues like spots and other such setbacks.

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