Easing The Aches That Don't Quite Need Painkillers

 If you’ve been experiencing a little joint or muscle pain, you might think that going for prescription painkillers might be a little over the top. Over-the-counter options can help, but they might not work directly enough to target all kinds of pain. If you’re experiencing those common types of muscle pains, joint aches, or period pain, here are some remedies you can use at home to help.

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Heat or cold

Depending on the type of pain that you’re experiencing, you may want to induce temperature changes in the area. Cold therapy can be highly effective for muscle pain and inflammation, especially where there is swelling to accompany it. However, for general pain as well as period pain, applying heat to your back may be able to help offer some relief. You can even look here to see how to make your own heating pad so that you don’t have to spend money to buy them.

Get some helping hands

You might have to hire someone out to help here, especially if you want a professional massage therapist to make sure that they’re doing everything that they can. However, even if you rely on the help of someone who isn’t a pro, like a friend or a family member, a massage can help the body relax, opening up blood vessels and helping improve the travel of oxygen around the body, which can help it reach inflamed areas and offer some relief there. Scented massage oil and aromatherapy essential oils are often used to heighten the relaxation of the experience, as well.

Consider the herbal approach

There are a lot of herbal products and extracts that are marketed as helping you deal with pain, but there are some components that have real evidence that they can help with just that. For instance, you can look here for an example of CBD products that can be used as lotions or body butter absorbed through the skin. This can be used locally to directly target any sources of inflammation that are affecting specific parts of the body. What’s more, these kinds of products can help relieve stress which can diminish your personal experience of pain, too.

Take a cup of green tea

The benefits of green tea are so widely publicized and so numerous that it seems like it might be some kind of superfood. That isn’t too far from the truth. Green tea is extremely nutritionally potent. For joint pain, green tea and extracts have been shown to change chemicals around a joint paint that can help aid the healing process. The antiinflammatory properties of green tea also play a big role in helping to ease period pain, as well. It needs to be taken in conjunction with a healthier diet in general, but it can be a real help.

Treating pain well is all about making sure that you’re being kind to your body. This doesn’t exclusively mean sitting back and relaxing when you need it. Keeping it in good shape and managing a healthy lifestyle is an important part of it, too.

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