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Hey Beauties, I got so many requests to do a quick and easy look that you can do on the go and so that's exactly what I did today. I put together this look, it's just a quick and easy look that you can do easy & effortlessly. 

There's no lashes, & there's not too much work involved. It should be a lot of fun if you'd like to try it out for yourself. It's one of my favorite looks to do and for a bronzy, everyday makeup look. 

natural makeup look

This is definitely a great, easy makeup tutorial for beginners or advanced makeup lovers. Either way, I hope you love today's video and if you're not already subscribed, I truly hope you'll subscribe and you'll be entered into my huge monthly makeup giveaway. I have a huge monthly makeup giveaway every seventh of the month and I'll have my current giveaway going on right now linked below if you'd like to check it out. 

So without further ado, let's jump into today's video for this quick and easy makeup look

Glamglow Moisturizer

First things first, I love to apply a moisturizer to my skin. The one I used for this look is the Barbie x GlamGlow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer.  I just take some of the moisturizer and put it onto my brush and apply it to my skin. While I'm allowing that to absorb into my skin, I'm going to go ahead and jump right into my brows.

  I use one of my personal favorite brow products, which is the Billion Dollar Brows Universal Eyebrow Pencil, which is what I pretty much always use. The first thing I do is just brush up the brow hairs that I do have and because I do like a fuller looking brow, I just go ahead and very gently sketch in a nice shape with my pencil. 

I like to take my pencil and sort of press it against my nose and then that is where I'm going to start kind of carving out a shape for my brows. And then for the front portion of my eye, I'm just going to pull upwards to jmake some nice hair like strokes with my brush. 

Then I move right into doing my eyes for a really quick and easy look.  I'm going to first start by just applying a little bit of concealer to my eyes as eye shadow base for our eye shadows. I  just take a little bit of concealer on the back of my hand, and then I apply this to my eye area with a small synthetic brush. Now I'm going to apply our eye shadow.

natasha denona palette

 I'm going to use my Natasha Denona Bronze Palette. When you're looking for a quick and easy look, these Natasha Denona shadows can not be beat because they are pretty much guaranteed to come out flawless looking no matter what. So very quick and easily you can just apply these shadows to your eye without any issues or problems. This is truly such a phenomenal eyeshadow palette. 

The first color I'm going to take in the Natasha Denona Bronze Palette, this is the shade Beach. And taking a small fluffy brush, this is the Morphe M433, I'm just going to apply this all over my crease area. 

bronze makeup look

Then you can even just go ahead and smudge it right onto your lid... and then when you're done with your lid area, you just go ahead and kind of start making circles and you can blend it right out into that concealer.  With that one tap into the palette, into that one shade; you have all of that coverage and zero patchiness. It's just such a great investment. 

natural makeup look

Now I'm going to go ahead and do the same thing on the other eye.  I'm just applying it to my crease first, that's where the color will come out the most intense. Then when there's hardly any color left, you can go ahead and just sweep it onto your lid. I'm still using that same amount of shadow that I just dipped into that one time. Then, when there's hardly any product left,  I'll go ahead and just blend out just my edges. I'm just touching the edges and we're just going to make circular motions and just blend just the edge only. 

natural makeup step by step

Now just to give a little bit of intensity, a little bit of fun for the look, I'll just reach right into this shade called Suntan. Use the same exact brush, just swirl in, and then tap off the  excess. 

Then just starting on the outer portion of my eye, I'm just going to sweep it inwards. As you can see in the video, the shadows pretty much just blended themselves together.  I'm just sweeping in with the same exact brush.

 Then I just wipe the brush on a piece of tissue and using the same exact brush, and now I'll do the same thing, just blend just the edge. Very gently now, because we want to keep that color intense. So I'm just very gently tapping the edge, just the edge, very gently tap it. It's just going to look blended effortlessly. That is all you have to do and you just look, I feel like so polished, and so basically almost ready to go. 

cute makeup looks

Now you can take your finger and dip into one of the shimmer shades in the palette, if you'd like. I think they're so gorgeous and so much fun. So I'm definitely going to just take my finger really quick and just dip right into the shade True Copper, and I just put that on the front portion of my eye. I'm just going to take a small angled brush and just pat, this way you can really get in the tear duct area. That's not wet, that's straight out of the pan. There you go. We're basically almost done you guys. 

Now if you want to amp it up a bit, I do love to smoke out my lower lashes. So I'm just going to really quickly take a pencil brush and I'm just going to take our first shade Beach. And I'm just going to take my pencil brush, I'm just going to smudge our first shade under my lower lashes from the outer portion of my eye and then into the inner portion. This way we're starting on the outer corner so it'll be more concentrated. When we get out to the inner corner, it will be less concentrated and it makes a beautiful fade. 

natural makeup look

Now, if you want to take it up a little tiny bit more, really quickly and easily, again you take your small angled brush and take the shade Deep Dive in the palette, it's the darker shade in the palette. And we're going to just place a little tiny bit on the outer portion of our eye. That's it, right now that's all we have to do. It makes just such a gorgeous effect. Just kind of blend it upwards very gently and then do the other eye. 

It just makes it very subtle cat eye look. It's very quick and easy. I'm taking the angled brush and I'm just kind of pulling it up very gently just to get a nice little blend. And then you can also take that really dark shade and just kind of smudge it into your lower lash area, into your lower water line, just the outer portion of your eye. We're kind of using this like an eyeliner now but just on the outer portion of your eye. And then we can go back in with our pencil brush and just smudge that out. 

I could not love this look more! And now I'm just going to go in and really quickly curl my lashes. This lash curler from Lash Star just makes your lashes look so long and voluminous. I'm going to go ahead and curl my lashes only for about 20 seconds. You don't have to hold it that long to get the most gorgeous effect.

urban decay lash freak review


Now I'm just going to really quickly apply some of this Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara, it is so phenomenal. It definitely gives you that false lash look, tons of lashes, so voluminous! I  go ahead and apply this right to my curled lashes. And then I  apply some to my lower lashes. I like to hold the wand vertically when I do my lower lashes, it just helps you really get each lash more voluminous looking and lengthened by doing it that way. 

I'm  let these dry, they will be  a bit wet. So be careful, if you're like me, be careful, just let them dry and try not to touch anything and disrupt any of the mascara. 

best drugstore primer

So I'm going to go ahead and apply my primer now. I absolutely love my Revlon primer, their Photoready Primer to be precise. I go ahead and apply this to my skin. And I do also apply it under my eyes a little bit as well. It just helps to smooth out your under eye area. It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes whatsoever. 

colourpop pretty fresh foundation

Now I'm going to quickly apply some of my ColourPop Pretty Fresh Foundation. This foundation is so amazing and I've been using it on the regular and I absolutely love it. I like to just apply some to the back of my hand and then just taking my brush I just stamp into it and then apply it to my face.  Use my Colourpop discount code 5Alegra to save.

tarte SEA hyrdroconcealer

Then I  take some concealer. I've been loving this concealer that I just purchased recently. This is the Tarte SEA hydroconcealer. This just blends so effortlessly into your skin and just gives you the most gorgeous look. It literally takes seconds to blend in. It's really amazing. So I just apply some just to highlight really quickly. 

sephora brushes

Then I take my Sephora PRO Concealer Brush and just gently tap that in. So I'm just pressing  in the concealer with the brush. And then really quickly, I just like to put a little bit of translucent setting powder on our concealer, just so it doesn't start to crease up. 

best setting powder

 I just taking a fluffy brush and the Laura Mercier translucent powder and I'm just very gently pressing that into under my eyes. Then we'll put it on our chin and on the T-zone area, on the brow. Now that area is highlighted quickly and easily. 

best bronzer

Then I'm just going to take some bronzer and I'm going to take this Laura Mercier Soleil 1. I like to use a fan brush and I'm just going to dip into the bronzer and just very gently contour under my cheekbones. You start where your ear is, the top of your ear, and just bring it down very gently. And then you can do your forehead if you want. 

You can also take that same bronzer and bring it down your nose, the bridge of your nose for a quick contour and bring it up into your shadow. You can even smudge it under your eyes if you want, a little bit of a smokiness going on. 

Natasha denona highlighter

And now just for a really quick and easy look, we're just going to take some highlighter. I like to use a gold highlighter on my finger, and I just like to place it on the bridge of my nose. And you can apply some on your cheek area as well. And just make small circles and just blend it right into your skin just really quickly and easily. And you can also pop some of that in your tear duct area too. 

best setting spray

So guys, I'm just going to give myself a quick spritz of my Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist. This is all natural, cruelty free, vegan, and it helps to give you a flawless finish and longer lasting makeup too.  I go ahead and spray this onto my skin. I hold it at arms length and then just go ahead and mist away. It smells so good. And then while that's absorbing into my skin, we're just going to go ahead and quickly do our lips. 

Easy makeup for beginners

I just take a nude lip liner, like the Lancome Ideal and then I'm just going to take my lip oil from ColourPop. This is their Lux gel lip oil and this is in the shade Skinny Dip. I apply this to this center of my lips. 

easy makeup looks

Here is the finished look. I hope you enjoyed watching my quick and easy makeup tutorial today. Please let me know any future tutorials or any other looks that you'd like to see me create. I would love to create them. And please don't forget to subscribe and give me a thumbs up if you liked this video. Also, don't forget if you subscribe, you'll be entered into my huge monthly makeup giveaway and all of my future pop-up giveaways. 

Thank you beauties so much for coming and hanging out with me today. I hope you guys are all doing good and I'll see you soon.



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