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Free GiftCard with Purchase: All Your Household Favorites on Sale at Target 

I’m super excited today I’m headed to Targetmy all round favorite store for all my home essentials! I’m going to be  stocking up on all my must have fabric care & household needs and..who am I kidding?! You know I’m also going to be checking out the fashion & beauty items too!

But what's truly special about todays Target run is that right now, throughout much of August, Target will be offering exclusive promotional deals on so many of my favorite fabric care brands, like Tide, Gain & Downey! These deals and savings opportunities are available only & exclusively at Target, so I definitely don't want to miss out.  

Even more incredible is that Target is offering a $15 giftcard when you spend $50 on select fabric care products that are part of this amazing promotion. Plus, keep checking the Target Gift Card page throughout the month of August, they're having even more future savings! 

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I know for sure I’ll be stocking up Tide Pods because they are on sale at Target & part of the event for only $11.99 for the 42 count pack! Plus, you’ll receive an additional $3 off in store when you join Target Circle Free Reward Program! Just save the coupon online to use at checkout. 

Other items included in this Target promo include even more of your fabric care and laundry need products. Various other household must haves are also included in this Target sale like Tide Liquid Detergent, DownyBounceGain and NBD Detergents and Fabric Enhancers and Softeners) - everything you need and the brands you love! 

I thought it would be fun to take you along with me on todays Target run and share just how incredible these savings really are!

Free Target Giftcard

I was so happy to see my Target was fully stocked on all my Tide favorites!

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First things first, I couldn't wait to fill up my cart with my favorite Tide products to stock on up on. 

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Tide pods are a definite must have in my house, nothing else makes our clothes look and feel as clean..and the scent!! They just make everything smell so good! Plus, I just sleep so much better on fresh, clean bedding after it's been washed with Tide

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I also picked up Downy Unstopables In-Wash Fresh Scented Booster on sale for only $9.99 and included the Target Free Giftcard with purchase event.

These Downey Unstopables make your clothes feel so soft & smell incredible. In truth, they seriously they make your whole house smell amazing!! Since they are on sale for such an great price, I couldn't resist picking some up. They really make your home that much more cozy. I know my husband loves when I use these as a fabric softener on our clothes and sheets. 

They're so easy to use too, you just sprinkle some in your washing machine before you put your clothes in and they come out smelling so good! They are a dry formulation so there is no mess. I truly love these so much & highly recommend them.

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  I also picked up some Bounce Outdoors Fresh Dryer Sheets. I love to use these in the dryer especially for  how they make your clothes static free and reduce wrinkles as well. 
target couponsI'm so happy all my purchases came out to only $50 and I received the FREE Target Gift Card! They email it to your Target account same day; after you checkout and it is good to use on any items at your Target store. 

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No Target Promo Code is needed to shop the event. You can also shop Target Online here and take advantage of all these offers!  

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Target also offers free pickup, meaning you can shop Target online and then have your items waiting in store for you to pick up. Your items will be already packaged and ready to go, it's so easy and saves a ton of time. Target also offers a same day delivery option with Shipt. 
Target Promo Code
Let me know what you'll be picking up from this amazing Target promotional event.  Make sure and shop these discounts while you can, they're ending soon and won't be available much longer. 

I can't wait to see all your amazing savings! 

Hope you're doing good & talk to you soon! 


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