5 Must Have "Toners" for Naturally Gorgeous Skin

 Favorite Toners 
I have always been a true skin care addict, but for the past few years I’ve been a bit more obsessed with makeup. Recently, I have fallen back in love with skincare, especially with all of the amazing new clean beauty skin care products now on the market. I can’t get enough of all of these incredible, glow inducing, natural skincare items out there now..from toners, to essence, gel like moisturizers, beauty mists & serums..I can't get enough!

For the longest time, I resorted to having to create my own natural beauty products at home, to create the clean beauty products that I love so much. But now thankfully there are so many natural skincare brands out there, sharing in my love for clean beauty.  They have created some amazing amazing products that I truly love! 

 Today I thought I would share some of my favorite toners type products that are available on the market now. Some of these are OG staples, but unfortunately not all of these listed are clean beauty. I thought I would still share them today since they've seemed to have helped so many people. 

Some of these are new toners that I’ve recently tried that I couldn't wait to share with you beauties. All in all, I truly love the toners that I’m going to share with you today.

Many people wonder what does toner do for your skin? I myself love how many toners are filled with the purest form of nurishing vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals, being in the liquid form, seem to absorb so much more effectively into the skin. I feel that they give me that extra glowing radiance that I love so much. They also prep your skin for any serums or moisturizers that I apply after the toner. 

I like to use my toners in a different way than you might have seen other people use them. I actually pour a small amount of the toner into my clean hands and then I press the toner into my clean skin. Unless I'm using a more astringent type toner, like the Clinique and Clarins mentioned below. For a that type of toner, I would use a cotton pad. 

But with essence infused toners, in this way I feel like I am getting the purest form of the toner and product into my skin and not wasting any excess product that would otherwise absorb into a cotton pad or tissue. I know many people pour the toner into a washcloth or cotton ball and then apply it to their face. This works best for astringent type toners.  When using essence type toners, I feel like pouring a small amount of the product directly into my hand and then pressing into my skin does waste any essence. I prefer to have zero waste with my products, especially because I love some expensive skincare to be honest! 

But actually today I’m going share with you a toner that I just recently found on Amazon that is very reasonably price and is working wonders, so let me hurry up and get right into it and share some of my favorite toners with you beauties today.
Clarins Toner 

One toner that I absolutely love is the Clarins Toning Lotion with Chamomile. This toner retails for $26 at Sephora and is a gentle, alcohol free, purifying toner that removes any traces of cleanser, leaving you with perfectly pH balanced and distressed skin. This Clarins toning lotion helps to purify your complexion and also smoothe and soothe any irritations. 

It softens and protects your skin and is filled with vitamins A, C, E and sunflower extract. After using this Clarins toner, my skin feels so clean, refreshed, revitalized and prepped for the serums and moisturizers that I apply after. I do apply this toner with  cotton pad to clean skin. 

Many people feel that this is a great product for sensitive skin as well as dry or combination skin. I have read in the customer reviews on that many people with acne prone skin also truly love this super gentle toner. I know I have very sensitive skin and I am also prone to breakouts and this product has worked wonders for my skin, leaving it feeling refreshed, cleaner and completely amazing.

Tatcha Plumpig Essence 

Another toner essence I truly am beyond obsessed with is the Tatcha Essence Plumping Skin Softener. This essence is very pricey at $95 but I must admit it's worth every penny. It left my skin so smooth and plumper looking and it definitely maximized how effectively my products that I applied after worked too.
My serums and moisturizes  truly did work better after using  this Tatcha essence. 

This Tatcha Essence Plumping Skin Softener is said to be a solution for dullness and uneven texture. It’s also said to be effective on fine lines and wrinkles &  helps with dryness. 

Best Toner 

I know I truly loved how glowing, refreshed and super glowing this Tatcha Essence left my skin looking. It's filled with pure, anti-aging Japanese super foods and I can definitely say that I did see a huge difference with this product.  I cannot wait to purchase another bottle just thinking about it! I am currently out and I will definitely be re-ordering from Sephora as ASAP. 

An astringent type toner that seems to work wonders for so many people, especially those with acne, is the Clinique Clarifying Lotion. This dermatologist developed exfoliating lotion is not a clean beauty product but it has helped countless people to clear their acne and reveal smooth, soft skin. I recently read about a model, who is in her 80's, and how she uses the Clinique Clarifying Lotion number 4. She said it's super exfoliating, resurfacing her skin to reveal plump new skin underneath.

 I personally haven’t tried using the Clinique clarifying lotion number 4 but I have used the number 2 and I really loved how clean and refreshed this astringent toner made my skin feel. I don’t feel that it nourished my skin, but rather left it feeling very clean and almost like a bare canvas for the products that you apply after to absorb into your skin. I haven't used this product in quite awhile though, just thought I would mention it as many seem to love it. 

Amazon Beauty 

Finally, I couldn’t wait to share with you beauties this new toner that I am so over the moon with. It's this gem that I found on Amazon called the SOME BY MI 30 Days miracle toner. This anti-acne exfoliating hydrating and brightening toner is truly miraculous! It’s priced at only $14.90 on Amazon and it did come with free Prime delivery. 

I’ve only been using this toner for the past few days but I already see a huge huge difference in how clear, bright and glowing my skin looks now thanks to using this toner. 
I have very sensitive skin, as I mentioned earlier, and this toner truly has left me irritation free. It has tightened my pores, provided hydration and definitely has left me with a brighter skin tone. 

According to their page on Amazon, it contains 10,000 ppm of real Teatree extracts. This toner will balance your pH to prevent breakouts and retain healthy, gorgeous skin. It is also anti-wrinkle & brightening. I truly cannot get enough of this toner and feel that my skin has never looked better since using it!

 I can’t wait to see my results after 30 days, as it’s been only a few days and I already cannot get over my results. The main ingredients in this toner are Virginia witch hazel extract, papaya extract, lentil extract, swiftlet extract and lotus extracts. It is free of harmful ingredients and it is alcohol free. 

Many people on Amazon have shown before and after pictures showing how it has affectively cleared their acne. Although I don’t have bad acne, at this point I do appreciate the brightening,  skin refinement, anti-wrinkle agents and how good and glowing  this toner has left my skin looking. You can purchase this toner here on Amazon.

Clean Beauty Face Mist 

As always, you can also purchase Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist on Amazon as well. It is a clean beauty, all natural beauty mist that's infused with skin loving vitamins and minerals that nourish and leave your skin with a glowing, gorgeous finish. It is vegan, cruelty free and smells absolutely amazing!

Clean Beauty Setting Spray 

When used as a beauty mist, you simply mist this face spray over your clean, bare skin. You are left with the hydration, glowing skin look of your dreams! It is made of an exclusive blend of the purest all natural ingredients, that will plump, hydrate and provide a  youthful skin look. Your skin is left revitalized, hydrated and supple in appearance. Purchase yours on Amazon here or on the Alegra Chetti Beauty website where you can use code Glowingskin and receive a discount on your order at 

Skincare toners mentioned in this post are listed below:

Clarins Toner 

Tatcha The Essence

Clinique Toner


Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist 

Let me know in the comments your favorite toners! Can't wait to hear what works for you!

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