Sweater Dressed Obsessed; Fall Fashion OOTD

 I've been so obsessed with sweater dresses lately. They're so comfortable yet give you a dressy, chic look. They can also take on a more comfy yet polished, casual vibe, like when I wear them with yoga pants and Ugg booties or flats.
Today I thought it would be fun to pair this sweater dress that I picked up with these patterned tights and a classic stiletto heel. Believe it or not, all these pieces run for less than $50  combined! Shockingly enough, the quality of the items is absolutely amazing and shipping was free. The items even arrived in less than a week.

There are so many affordable fashion sites out there but honestly, I really just don’t appreciate the quality of much of the clothing. I’ve noticed that even if they look OK or they look presentable, most times they just won’t feel that good on your skin or the fit is horrible. You just know they will not last beyond one wear. 

I’ve been experimenting with different affordable fashion brands recently, with so many options available online, it’s so easy now to find these super affordable clothing sites. But once they arrive, you can tell many of these items are definitely not going to last. 

Fall Fashion 2019 
Recently I did come across this website where I have just been going basically buck wild purchasing all different kinds of sweaters, dresses, bottoms, shoes, accessories.. you name it, I have purchased it! Shockingly, I could not be happier seriously with everything that I bought! I absolutely love everything that I purchased so far and they are definitely items they that you can wear again. You can tell they’re of very good quality, where you are definitely able to wash & wear on repeat. Today’s outfit is from this website and so I thought I would share this look today that I am just loving! I definitely will have lots more looks coming from this site with outfits that I’ve purchased. 

I'll have lots more great, affordable fashion discoveries to share with you very soon! I am just so happy and thrilled, it's so much fun to find these more affordable fashion options. What can I say? I love to save!

Fall Outfit Sweater Dress

Clothing on this site also runs pretty true to size, so you don't have to size up. They're having a huge BlackFriday sale going on now, use coupon BLK2019 to save even more.

I also just wanted to update you beauties too on what has been going on at home..Louis, my chihuahua has been really sick and I have been trying to get over a cold. Hopefully I’ll be back to being online more soon. I know I’ve been kind of MIA and I really miss you beauties! It’s just been too hard to get online for any period of time, with Louis being so sick and myself being sick as well.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and concern. Thankfully we finally got to the root of what was making him sick. Apparently, he had an upset stomach from some treats that I had given him. He's on medication now and he’s doing so much better! He's actually even running around again, where for past two days he could not even walk, he was so sick and lethargic.  My husband was so upset with worry over him too. I actually feel like I’ve never seen my husband so upset, he was so worried. It was really awful to see my husband so upset but thankfully Louie is better now. 

Thank you guys again so much for all your prayers and for thinking of us. I definitely do believe your prayers helped, thank you so much! I hope you are all doing good..are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? What are your holiday plans?

I wanted to have a blog giveaway soon too. I have so many great makeup & beauty   items that I’ve been wanting to share for a giveaway, but I haven’t been able to have the strength to make YouTube videos recently. Maybe I can post it here on Blogger or Instagram though. 

Let me know what you will be better for you beauties, I will post tomorrow.. hopefully I'll be up to it, be on the lookout!!

Thank you so much also for your messages, Talk to you soon!
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