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Vintage Print T-shirt Dress l Camo T-shirt Dress
I thought I would pop in today with this camo T-shirt dress that I'm just beyond obsessed with. Do I always say that? I think I do, but that’s just how much I love something! I have to come and share it with you beauties! 
Casual Fashion Look I Camo Dress

That’s exactly what happened today, I'm truly that obsessed with this super soft, brushed knit mini dress that I purchased here. It's absolutely the perfect camo shade and; if you’re a perfectionist like me, you know that feeling of when you need just that perfect shade of something

Casual Fashion Outfit  
The camo print here is just sort of a more distressed camo look, which is the shade that I absolutely love the most in this print.  It has almost a sort of washed, lived in, vintage kind of a feel. I absolutely love that look so much and when I see this particular shade of camo, I just can’t resist it! I do have joggers in this print too now and a few other items that I just love so much.

 Personally, I'm so proud of myself because I had never really ventured into camo prints before. I feel like I had been pretty much a basic a dresser in a lot of ways. I primarily stuck with a lot of black..maybe because I lived in New York? I'm not sure why exactly, I just never had ventured into this print or many prints for that matter. So, this one of my first times in camo and I cannot be happier!
Camo Dress
It truly does feel good when you venture out of your comfort zone and try new things.  Best of all, is when you feel comfortable and good out of your comfort zone. That's such a great feeling and although it might take some time to get comfortable there, I highly recommend it. I truly am so happy now that I’m trying so many different things and experimenting with fashion more now. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I think finding so many affordable fashion options is really what is inspiring me now to try so many different looks then I would have in the past. 

The dress that I’m wearing here is super affordable and great quality. It’s soft, comfy and I definitely can see this being a great option to take on vacation with you, if you’re traveling anytime soon to a warmer climate. It goes great from day to night. I’m wearing it here with a pair of mules, but you can also wear this to the pool with flip-flops or with yoga pants for running around. In cooler temps, I would love this with a leather jacket, scarf, leggings & booties. 

Jessica Simpson Mules 
If you’re like me, I feel more comfortable at the pool covered up. I don’t like to get too much sun, so this was a great option if you prefer less sun. I did wear this to the pool already and I just loved it and felt so comfortable in it. It’s not too heavy so it has just the perfect weight to the material, it’s not too hot, although if you’re going somewhere super tropical it might be too warm. If you’re in a nice coolish tropical location, not too hot, then this is really great option if you want to keep yourself covered. I like to cover myself from the sun so I like having my arms covered as well.  It’s about 80° during the day where we're at now for the holidays so this is just the perfect dress T-shirt dress for day to night at this temperature. 

That’s why I couldn’t wait to come and recommended to you today. Although hopefully it’s not sold out , but I have linked some similar options as well. I’m going to definitely be getting my blogs up sooner in the future so this way I can get things up before they sell out.

Are you going to be traveling for the holidays to any warmer locations? I'll be here still in Florida for the holidays but we will be heading back to New York soon and the cold so don’t hate me too much!!  I will be freezing my butt off soon like everybody else lol 

Casual Outfit Fashion 
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I hope you guys are doing great! I will talk to you soon.

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