BHAD Bhaby Makeup Drama?! Is CopyCat Beauty New Kylie Jenner Cosmetics ?

Wow people are absolutely heated about the new Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhaby makeup collection from Copycat Beauty.  Danielle is also known as the catch me outside girl on Dr. Phil.  A lot of the drama surrounds the fact that people are saying Bhad Bhaby makeup is the new Kylie Jenner cosmetics and they feel Bhad Bhaby's past bad behavior shouldn't be rewarded financially. 

Apparently the Bhad Bhaby makeup line has brought in 500K in the past 3 days alone! At this rate, Danielle is set to be a makeup mogul millionaire like Kylie Jenner by her 16th birthday in March.  Check out my Youtube videos where I share my thoughts on the makeup drama and let me know what you think. 

To sum up some of what I vlogged about on YouTube video,  I personally feel like Danielle is only fifteen years old and I wish people would give her a chance without sending negativity her way. The Copycat Beauty line is  very inexpensive, so in that way, its doesn't really compare to Kylie Jenner Cosmetics. I love the  idea of everyone being able to  afford makeup they enjoy. That to me is a definite plus.The flip side of that is that Copycat beauty seems little too similar to some other brands and in this way, is it too close for comfort? Watch my Youtube video and let me know your thoughts. 

I placed an order for a few palettes from Bhad Bhaby's makeup line that should be here soon and I'll test them out and give an honest review. I'm also excited to try her lip products and brushes, which I also ordered. 

 Do you think BHAD BHABIE Copycat Beauty makeup collection going to be the new Kylie Cosmetics & make billions?!?  

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