Facial for Your Lips! Tarte Lip Scrub + Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash Matte Hydrating Lipstick

tarte rainforest of the sea lip facial and lipstick
I know I've said it before a hundred times,"I'm not going to buy anymore lipstick." I mean, come on. What beauty addict hasn't muttered those words to herself? But then tarte went ahead and came out with these beyond stunning new colors for their Rainforest of the Sea Collection and I could not resist.

 Truth be told, I didn't even see them in real life before purchasing. But the gorgeous Tahitian blue sea colored packaging, with shiny gold accents caught my eye on the Sephora website and I basically lost all control.  Nothing could stop me from double clicking and  getting a closer look.
tarte Rainforest of the Sea Lipstick in Beach Babe

OmGosh babes! They did not disappoint! The color swatches on the Sephora site were too  beautiful to resist! And with twenty four color choices with names  like Sunkissed, Colada and Skinny Dip what lipstick lover could??

While I was deciding which lipstick color to choose from, I noticed a small icon for something called a lip facial adjacent to the lipstick choices. After deciding to purchase the pink nude color called Beach Babe, curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on the link to see what exactly this  new tarte lip treatment was all about... 
tarte rainforest of the sea lip facial exfoliating lip scrub
The first thing that struck me about the  tarte lip facial is that it is a stick, so basically it's  a lip scrub on a stick! That pretty much sold me right there because I dislike how other lip scrubs I've purchased in the past were sort of more messy looking. Previous lip scrubs I've tried were always in a small container and you would have to use your finger to scoop some out. This new Tarte scrub looked very easy to apply to me because of its lipstick like shape.  It also seemed easier to get just the right amount on your lips, not too much and not to little of the product. I added it to my cart and checked out. 

After three days of eagerly waiting, my new tarte lip products arrived. I was finally able to try them out for the first time.  First, I tried the lipstick and yes.. the lipstick color was the most perfect nude lip of life! But even better,  this lipstick felt amazing. It is matte yet creamy, hydrating, highly pigmented and amazingly stays in place. Actually all the colors from this collection are matte which is a definitely plus, as I love the matte look.

According to the Sephora website, this lipstick also in filled with anti aging antioxidants and is actually good for your lips as well. I believe it because it truly does feel that good on my lips!

tarte rainforest of the sea lipstick in Beach Babe swatch

Later that night, I tried the lip facial. After cleansing my face, I easily applied the scrub to my lips. Then with my finger, I made small circles and distributed the exfoliator all over my lip area. I wiped it off with a warm, wet tissue and viola! My lips were super soft and truly plumped up! I applied my GlamGlow Poutmud Wet lip mask and was off to bed. 

I'm so happy with my purchases and couldn't wait to share these amazing products with you guys! Another definite plus is that these tarte products are also Vegan friendly. I genuinely love this lipstick and scrub and couldn't wait to share them with you babes!

click the product pic below for more info on the Sephora site
                                                            Love Always, 

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