23andme: Finally Finding Out My Ancestry!!

I can't believe how nervous I am right now. I've always wanted to know my ancestry and nationality all my life. My mother was adopted and never knew her birth family or had any information on them. It's always been a mystery to me. 

Growing up in NYC, everyone pretty much identifies with their nationality and culture. So many people you meet are from other countries, from all over the world. When I was a child, where I grew up, everyone was Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Persian, Jamaican, Mexican..the home country cultures of their families  so alive, vibrant and thriving in the city.

Once I got older and traveled outside of NY, it was a complete shock to me when I would ask people their nationality and they would say, "American." I would be seriously taken aback. Of course, being as curious as I am,  I would say "but from where?"  They would answer, "America, we're from here." Needless to say, hearing that answer always surprises me still.

Since everyone in NYC so closely identified with their culture, I was always asked what my own was, but I never knew. I know my father is from Ireland; but since my mother never found out her biological details, I am pretty clueless beyond that. A lot of people ask me if I'm Polish or Russian...and now we will soon find out! 

I just ordered my DNA testing kit from 23andme! I'm excited but now I'm actually really nervous..I'm not sure why. I am afraid of change so maybe that has something to do with it. It will definitely be a change to have this question answered. It became a part of me, the feeling of I'll have to let that go. It's good though, change is good. It's good to learn and grow. 

One of the reviews I read said your DNA also affects your personality traits, like and dislikes. That information will also be given with my results. In two days, I'll get my kit and take a saliva swab from my mouth. I believe it takes between 6 to 8 weeks to receive the results. I'll let you know how it goes =)

 What do you think my nationality is? Would you take a DNA test to find out more about your ancestry? 

Use the link below to order your own kit at

Love Always, 

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