CHANEL Charm Bracelet

I'm so in love with this Chanel Charm Bracelet. It is a braided brass link style with an oversized 5 in a dark emerald shade. It does look like its black but if you look closely, it has a hint of dark green.

It's very lightweight, which is my favorite type of jewelry. I hate to feel weighted down and love how the bracelet lies effortlessly on my wrist. 

I've been wearing this bracelet often, it can go casual or dressy, which is another reason why I love it so much. It pretty much goes with everything and leaves you feeling so pretty, feminine and chic with it on, no matter the outfit or occasion. 

I haven't seen this piece on the Chanel website to gather more info, but if you know anything, please let me know! I love to know as much as I can about everything I purchase, like the season, name, ect. but wasn't able to find any info on this. 

My sales associate was really stressed with the holidays and didn't really have time to speak with me more like she usually does. Maybe I'll stop by now and have a fashion chat...she knows so much! That's definitely what I'll do & I'll let you babes know. Then I can also take a peek at whats in store for spring & summer =)
Talk to you soon!

Love Always, 

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