Trip to BIRD JUNGLE + Meet My BABY Green Cheek Conure ♡

Trip to Bird Jungle Pet Vlog + How to Hand Feed Baby Birds! 

Bird Jungle is in Scarsdale, NY & I went to see  the beautiful parrots and exotic birds there. They were dancing, swinging, singing and having all kinds of fun in this funny bird video!

At Bird Jungle they  have Macaw, Conure, Cockatiels and Many More Avian Species! I watched the staff hand feed the baby parrots and then, if you keep watching...maybe you'll see in this video if I  bring home a little one of my own!

Ok, spoiler alert.. I did!!😂Keep watching and Meet my new green cheek concur, Belle! 
My last bird I brought home from Bird Jungle was my cockatiel, Sam.  Sadly after 20 yrs she passed away recently  :( 
I had her my whole life and my heart felt so empty without her. Im glad I have Belle now to help keep the joy Sam gave me in my heart. I love you Sam ♡

Things get pretty funny in this kid friendly animal video when I bring home Belle; and Lola my chihuahua, freaks out!

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Alegra Chetti;

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Trip to BIRD JUNGLE + Meet My BABY Green Cheek Conure ♡

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