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she's so pretty
Hi Everyone! Belle, my baby green cheek conure, is home & doing so good! If you've watched my earlier vlog, you know she's only one month old and yes.. I've been so worried about her! I want to make sure she's eating and doing well and I'm happy to report she is! 

Today I wanted to share these Nutri-Meals Parrot Food Bars that she is just loving! I'm so happy bc I had been worried she wouldn't get the nutrition she needs, since she is also still being hand fed and eating formula. 
Belle with her Nana 
In addition to her formula, Ive been offering her Lafeber Nutri Meal bars and she really loves them! They're made of papaya, carrots, mango and fortified with vitamins like Vitamins A, D3, E Calcium, B12 and much more! I would definitely recommend these Lafeber Omega 3 & 6 Balanced Bars for your parrot diet, even finicky eaters should love them! Mine does!

You can purchase these Parrot Food bars by clicking  here

I also leave out her Pretty Bird Daily Select Conure Parrot Food and she nibbles on these too

Conure Care is made easier with these parrot food products they love!

In additon to the above products, its important to have some steamed veggies and fresh fruit for your parrot's  daily diet. They need these fresh foods to live a happy and healthy life.  

I also just wanted to add, make sure your Conure bird gets 10-12 hours a sleep a night. I have to make sure I put Belle to bed at 10, even though I want to keep her up with me..its really important they get their sleep or they can get sick, no matter their age. 

So make sure you and your parrot are both getting the sleep 
we all need :) 

If you haven't seen my Bringing Home Belle video, you can watch here
If you love funny parrot videos, I think you'll love this one! These parrots definitely get crazy in this parrot video!

Do you have any parrot information or parrot pictures to share? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll post it in an upcoming blog!

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