Fuhgeddaboudit!!! Italian Dog Birthday Party!!!

Hi Everyone!! Me & the fur pups went to my friends birthday party for their dog!  They're Italian so there was so much delicious Italian food, nice Italian grandma's and lots of fun at the party! The French Bulldog playing with my chihuahua Lola was so funny and I love listening to my friend talk with his New York accent.. he says the funniest stuff, or maybe its just  the way he says it...Fuhgeddaboudit! lol 😁

In this video, my long hair chihuahua Oliver wears his Mets Jersey to party and their yard became like a giant dog park! It was so much fun seeing all the dogs playing and running wild! 

If you always dreamed to go to an Italian party, now you can in this video! Its da BEST!!

Thanks for watching!!! Talk to you soon!! 

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Fuhgeddaboudit!!! Italian Dog Birthday Party!!!

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