Blac Chyna Chanel Slides & Sandals: Fitness Fashion!

 I am just about obsessed with these gorgeous Chanel Slides spotted on Blac Chyna.
I admit I used to hate slides and to be honest, just really didn't get them...but lately I can't get enough of them!

I think since Ive started working out more now, they are just so cozy and feel amazing on your feet, especially after a hard workout.
 I also love to wear fitness fashion clothing now too, basically all the time and I see now slides just look and feel amazing with all my fitness outfits!

I just bought a pair of  Adidas slides and I'm in LOVE! I love the way Blac Chyna's fashion look on her but being they are priced at $700 from Chanel...I'm not sure there in my budget but I do love to look and admire! 

I bought my  Adidas pair at 
What are your favorite slides? Would you spurge on a Chanel pair?? Let me know! 


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