My W Hotel Fort Lauderdale Vacation!!

Hi Everyone =) Sorry I haven't blogged in so long but its a long, long story!! I will share it though, just not now I guess...I've been through a lot but I'm truly stronger and better than I could have ever dreamed of before. So I'm grateful for the challenges now, for how they have changed me for the better.  I will be sharing all soon but for tonite,  I celebrate!

I just got home from a mini trip to the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale and even though it was raining, I had a great time. We couldn't leave the hotel with the storm raging outside, so we pretended we were on a cruise ship and had fun exploring all the hotel had to offer..and it was a lot =)

Hope you'll check out the quick video I put together = ) I'll write back soon =)

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  1. The harder the journey, the better the story. Keep blogging, it is helpful and I am sure you will inspire others going through their own trials and tribulations.

  2. Thank you for all your encouragement, Michael =) It helps me so much! Thank you!!!

  3. You're always welcome Alegra. I look forward to more of your blogs.