Get Gorgeous Green Smoothie

Hi Everyone!! I just purchased the Nutri Bullet & I LOVE it! I had wanted a Vitamix but, at $500, I figured Id have to save up.

I saw someone blogging about the Nutri Bullet & that piqued my interest. I saw that its just like a Vitamix, meaning it pulverizes all your fruits and veggies into a smoothie texture. So you can drink your greens!

I purchased mine at Target for $89. They are having a sale this weekend.
I got it home and while at first I thought it would be too small…I was wrong.

Everything blended quick, easy, effortlessly and was so smooth and delicious.
I was stuffed! I could not drink anymore and I have a huge appetite.

My smoothie made about an 8oz glass.
I am currently eating low carb so I made my smoothie without fruit.

Here is my recipe below:
-Handful of spinach
-Some chopped up celery
-Flax seed
-coconut oil
-unsweetened almond milk
-2 ice cubes

Thats it! I am so stuffed I cannot believe it!! I am hoping to have a detox day of smoothies. I’ll post pics and that next with my results!

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