Jessica Alba Diet & Fitness Plan

I have forever been in awe of Jessica Alba's Bikini body..and now Thank God she finally shares how she does it!! Read On for some valuable tips!

'Working out every day for even just 45 minutes is good for my mental state,' the star admits about how she is planning on getting back in bikini ready shape.
But Jessica admits that she finds it hard to actually go and workout.

'Getting dressed and actually doing it is the worst. It’s hard to get motivated.'
'In the gym, I have like five things to distract me: TV, iPod, magazines. Working partners are good, too, so you can chat and not just drown in your own misery. Sorry, does that sound bad? I just hate working out
'I have a hard time with portion control, so I have 1,200 calorie meals delivered. But I also work out, so basically I’m starving—it sucks. I drink a lot of water.'

Sheer Will & Determination!

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  1. I had a nice easy week this week as I've built my mileage back up and done a few races over the last two weeks.