Merry Marissa

Victoria Secret Model Marissa Miller looking very festive
What are you wearing to your holiday parties?


  1. Very fab! I love the style and the cut of her dress - it lengthens the torso in just the right proportion. I'll be wearing this cream Grecian-style dress for a party this Thursday. However, it's followed by karaoke night, so I hope that the it's better to be over than under dressed would still hold. ;)

  2. thanks for your commment :)
    i love your blog and the pics of the celebs you post!=)
    marissa is so gorgeous i always like what she wears.
    mmm here in peru we dont really have holiday parties we just have a christmas dinner then open presents the big party is just on new years! and most ppl my age just wear normal "going clubbing" clothes. unless you are going to a fancy party in a hotel or something and those parties are usually boring and full of old ppl and couples hahah.
    i wish i had a lot of holiday parties (like i've always read about in forums and blogs from the u.s or the u.k) to wear dresses and cute heels !!!
    but anyway... for new years im thinking of wearing a cute top and a mini skirt or those dressy shorts? lol .. december = summer over here so yeah ! hehe
    *do you mind if i add you as a link on my blog??