Get a Bod Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian shares what keep her body super drool worthy in this weeks issue of Life & Style.
She tells the magazine "I run for 30 minutes at a high speed on the treadmill.
Then I jog backwards and sideways on an incline (on the treadmill)"
She credits her stepdad, Olympian Bruce Jenner, with helping her cultivate a healthy attitude toward exercise. "Bruce brought fitness into our lives, which gives you the freedom to enjoy the food you want"
Kim shares she "eats mostly protein a day or two before a big event or photo shoot. And drinking lots of water with lemon acts as a natural diuretic". She also says she trys to "break a sweat daily"
~No wonder she looks so fabulous, the girl's been trained by an Olympian athlete!

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  1. Oh my. Thanks for the post Alegra - I didn't know that her stepdad is THE BRUCE JENNER ( I grew up watching him promote all these exercise machines and videos on home tv shopping haha!. Wouldn't it be great if we all lived with an Olympian. *sigh*