HUGE Pumiey Amazon Bodysuit Try On Haul !! Shapewear from Amazon Try On

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s video a HUGE Pumiey Amazon Bodysuit Try On Haul, Shapewear from Amazon Try On! Today I’m tried on some bodysuits from Amazon that are Skims dupes. These bodysuits are comfortable and help control and shape the midsection, while also being affordable and good quality. Let’s dive in. The first bodysuit I’m trying on is the Pumiey Amazon Bodysuit. It comes in a variety of colors, and I chose the Black option. This bodysuit is made of a light nylon material that is soft to the touch. The bodysuit features a flexible fit that helps to shape and contour your body, while still providing a comfortable fit. When I put the Pumiey Amazon Bodysuit on, I was impressed by how comfortable it was. The material is stretchy and smooth and fits me perfectly, keeping my midsection in check without feeling overly tight or restrictive. The bodysuit also held up well during my daily activities, such as exercising and running errands, and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. These Amazon bodysuits come in a variety of colors & are made of breathable, lightweight fabric that feels soft against the skin. It has a high waist design to provide extra coverage, while still giving the body an hourglass look. The fabric is also super stretchy, so it moves with you as you move around. With these Pumiey bodysuits, I was really pleased with how comfortable they felt. They are lightweight but still provided good control and shaping, without feeling too tight or restrictive around my midsection. The fabric was also breathable, so I didn’t feel overheated while wearing it. Overall, I was really pleased with both of these bodysuits from Amazon. They were comfortable, gave good control and shaping, and were both affordable and good quality. If you’re looking for a Skims dupe on a budget, definitely check out these two bodysuits – you won’t be disappointed!

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