Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover

 When you're a kid or a teenager there's nothing more exciting than a sleepover with all of your friends. you've got your matching pajamas, you've got your roll out beds, and you are ready to have a night of it with your friends. If you are hosting the sleepover, you have the job of getting everybody feeling happy and excited, and it's up to you to make sure that everybody has entertainment. 

If you are hosting a sleepover for your teenage daughter, it will be up to you to make sure that everybody has what they need, everybody feels safe, and everybody is entertained. Everyone knows there is so much more to the very best sleepovers out there than just gossiping or sleeping at the same time as your friends, so we’ve put together a list of fun things that you can get ready for a sleepover to ensure that yours is the absolute best.


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  • Have a mini spa. Now you can go all out and do this yourself, or you can hire a company to come in and do this for you. Everybody loves to get pampered and nobody more so than a group of teenage girls. Start off the night with DIY facials, and get everybody paired up. They can cleanse and tone their partner's skin and then try out face masks based on their skin type with some sliced cucumbers over their eyes. When the time is up, wash the masks off with some damp sponges or flannels, and make sure that everybody has their very own little bottle of moisturizer. There are companies out there who will send somebody into your house for a mini pamper session, so if you have the opportunity to do that, do it.

  • Hire karaoke set. If the kids that are coming over to the sleepover are really into singing in karaoke, you can use apps such as the ones you find here at or you can buy a karaoke set. You can get everybody having a really good giggle and feel happy with their friends because you're all singing together and having fun and a great time. Of course, if nobody is actually into karaoke you wouldn't be looking at hiring a karaoke set in the first place!

  • Get baking. Now either the kids who are coming over for a sleepover can do this for you, or you can get baking ahead of time and make sure that you have loads of tasty treats laid out. Let's be honest, nobody is going to be looking for salad at a sleepover, so make sure that you have easy treats such as crispy cakes, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and fairy cakes. If the guests want to do the baking themselves, just hover in the background to supervise in case anybody has any questions.

  • Get ready for movie night! If baked goods aren't enough, make sure that you have popcorn and movie treats at the ready. You could even make sure that everybody has hot dogs or burgers or even large pizzas ready in the lounge with blankets, pillows and as many horror films or chick flicks as they'd like to watch. Providing a full range is super important so that everybody has a chance to choose a film that works for them. Remember, hosting a sleepover means making sure you cater for all so if there are people who really can't stand horror films, make sure they are not on offer.

  • Grab some board games. If the teenagers you are hosting are 13 to 14 year olds and your daughters are excited, make sure you have board games such as Twister. It's a sleepover classic. It is always going to end up with a tonne of giggles and everybody wrapped up in each other. You could have a tournament to find out who is the best and the most flexible, and you can make sure that you all have a great time at the same time. How about pairing up and competing in teams?

Image source: Pexels

  • Play truth or dare. If the girls sleeping over are all really good friends and there is no animosity or upset between them, then make sure you have a game of truth or dare at the ready. It's a classic sleepover game and you can write out the truth and dare cards yourself and make sure that everybody is having fun and not squabbling.

  • Plan a photoshoot. Bring a photographer or set up your own and get some pictures of the whole group, some group shots and selfies with some cute filters. In this social media really well there's every chance they already have a whole host of filters they'd like to use, so make sure that everybody's got their picture taken at the sleepover.

  • Hire some indoor teepees. Instead of having everybody sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags, there are companies out that way you could hire teepees for the living room and everybody could sleep under them in their sleeping bags or in a rollaway bed. They are so exciting for teenagers to see and you can decorate them with fairy lights and fancy cushions, and you can even hire themed ones such as Harry Potter or pure pink.

  • Safety first. Another way you can have fun at sleepover is before the sleepover even happens. Anybody who is invited to this event needs to have handed you the phone number for their parents so that if anything happens or if they're scared or feeling anxious, you can call or text the parents to let them know that they are doing OK. Safety is so important and so is consent, so make sure anybody sleeping over at your house understands that they can ask you for anything and they can tell you anything, and if they want to go home all they need to do is let you know and you can call a parent to come over. It's one of the best ways to make sure that those kids come back to your house again because they will feel safe there with you.

  • A midnight feast. We've already made goodies and we've already ordered takeout food, but make sure you've got some small boxes lined up on the counter for when the girls want to come and have a midnight feast. They could tell gross stories and sit with their torches in the kitchen if they want to, as long as they keep the volume down you've got it ready for them.


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