Working On That Big Grin

 They say that smiling is a gift, one that is for ourselves and for others. But millions of people don’t feel happy or confident in their smiles. Here are a couple of ways to feed confidence into your smiles and get confidence from it too. 

Here are some tips for feeling great and looking fabulous. 

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Let it happen 

Instead of pulling your lips together, so you don’t let yourself smile, just relax into it. Life is way too short to be worried about people not liking your smile. You’ll notice when you’re out in a group of people; there are a couple who just let their smiles free no matter what. 

Self-acceptance is a big thing; it can start with just letting your smile happy often and anywhere. 


If it’s been a while since you last went to the dentist - or perhaps even brushed your teeth, it’s time to get started. Get into the bathroom or wherever you have to do a big brush, floss, and make your teeth clean. 

If you have a dentist you have been avoiding, it’s time to make the appointment and get the right treatment. 

Sometimes it is a deep clean; other times, teeth will be removed, and dental implants are inserted; whatever it is you need, let your dentist do so you know that your smile is healthy. 


If you have made a point of never smiling, you might even be a little bit out of practice! You’ve probably seen it in movies, people practicing their smile in the mirror head of interviews and dates. 

Take a leaf from their book and do the same thing. 

Practice your smile and take selfies to see what type of smile you enjoy and feel the most relaxed with. 

A nice little extra for this one is that the more you practice your smile, the more you stimulate those areas of the brain that give us some happy hormones. So by fake smiling, you can trigger a real smile. 

Let yourself be happy

Millions of people punish themselves because they feel like they do not deserve to be happy. So they won’t let themselves feel joy and happiness and won’t show it to those around them. 

If you are blocking yourself from being happy because you believe you don’t deserve it, you can do a couple of things, but talking to a professional is one of the most important. 

Allowing yourself to feel happy is a must - but it takes work to get there. 

Smile at strangers

As part of your practicing - who better to practice on than people you’re only going to see for a couple of seconds? Smile as you go about your day and see how many times someone else smiles back. 

You aren’t obligated to smile and don’t owe anyone a smile, but you should do it for yourself. 

This can be one of the ways that people build their overall confidence; here are a couple of others: Alegra Chetti : Body Goals: How To Boost Your Confidence.

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