Testing Out Hot NEW Makeup ✨ NEW Glasses Haul & MoRe!!!

I love testing out hot new makeup and I also couldn't wait to share with you today these new best blue light blocking glasses that I've ever tried! 

These blue light glasses from are so amazing! They also have lots of luxury prescription eyewear at a huge discount on their site as well! All in all, I really lucked out though with not only these new glasses, but my cosmetics and new makeup 2022 that I was able to test out today is so good too! I love the it cosmetics glow cc cream, the hourglass volumizing lip balm, the too faced fluffy and hold laminating brow wax is amazing!! I also love the new Estée Lauder foundation so good too!! I hope you enjoy today's video, you can shop all the new makeup 2022 shown in this video here

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