Want To Use Fashion To Honor A Loved One? Here's How


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Many already use matching tattoos as a way to remember events, friends and family memories, so the idea of getting a tattoo to reminder of your loved one is already pretty common.

Everyone goes through grief in different ways. You’ll need to come to terms with someone’s passing while also trying to pay tribute to them. Not many people know how to honor a loved one after they’ve passed, however.

While some people might have this written in their will, most won’t. With others, it could be relatively obvious, especially if they were passionate about something in particular. If that turns out to be fashion, you might want to use it to celebrate their life.

Knowing that you can use this is quite different than actually doing so. How can you honor a loved one with fashion? As it turns out, many people have had this thought before. There are quite a few ways that you can do so.

Some might be more appropriate for you, although they’re all worth considering.

How To Honor A Loved One With Fashion

Use Their Ashes In Jewelry

Over the past few decades, using a family member’s ashes in jewelry has become increasingly popular. While this has been a practice in some cultures for hundreds of years, it’s only become known about in other countries relatively recently.

Many people choose to do so with memorial keepsake necklaces. These typically have your loved one’s ashes included inside the necklace. You could do something similar with rings and other jewelry.

While there may be some limitations with the design of these, you can have them created to almost any style. Having them personalized to you and your loved ones shouldn’t be an issue.

Transform Their Funeral Flowers

Speaking of jewelry, your loved one’s ashes aren’t the only things that can be turned into it. Instead, you can use their funeral flowers for it too. That could be a great way to repurpose them following the day. It’s also one of the more fashionable ways of honoring your loved one.

There are multiple ways that you can do so. Typically, this will be focused on the flower’s petals, which can be used in various ways. Some of the more common of these options include bracelets and pendants, alongside earrings.

These options can be much more stylish than you’d expect. While few jewelers will offer this as a service, there are more than a few to choose from. That could make this relatively costly, although it will be more than worth it.

Going this route also reduces any waste with your loved one’s funeral. It could be worth using this option alongside their ashes. That could make the pieces much more personal.

Frame Something That They Made

Fashion and style can mean much more than what you wear. It can also apply to your home decor. That could give you another way to use fashion to honor your loved one. If they had a love for home decorations, then that’s especially true.

One of the more notable things you can do is to frame something that they made. Many people choose pictures of their loved one. While that can be an appropriate choice, you could also pick something that they wrote, if that’s possible.

You could be surprised by the number of things that your loved one might have written down. Even something as simple as a recipe might be more than enough. What’s key here is that it’s something that reminds you specifically of them.

This is something that you can see every day and enjoy. With that, it could be a more practical way of celebrating a loved one’s life without removing any of the sentimentality.

Get A Tattoo To Remind You Of Them

Getting a tattoo to honor your loved one is one of the most popular ways of doing so. Depending on your style, it could also be more than worth it. There are more than a few ways that you can go about this. Many people choose to get a quote or an image that reminds them of their loved ones.

Quite a few also choose to get a portrait to celebrate their loved one’s life. There can be quite a few benefits to taking this approach, as it can help with the grieving process. You’ll have to spend time making sure that this is the option you want to take, however.

After all, getting a tattoo shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Coupled with that, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right tattoo artist to do it. The last thing you’ll want to try to honor your friend is a terrible tattoo.

Often, it’s recommended that you keep it simple. Their name, date of birth, and date of passing could be more than enough to honor them.

Repurpose Their Clothing

When you think of honoring a loved one with fashion, you might instantly think of their clothes. You shouldn’t need to wear their clothes to celebrate them, however. Instead, you can repurpose their clothes into various things.

Many people choose blankets or bed sheets for this, although there are multiple other options. Perhaps the most common of these are pillows that are wrapped in certain clothes. Naturally, these will typically be used in a decorative capacity, so you can use them as part of your home decor.

These can be much more high-quality than you'd expect, although you'll need to make sure that you hire someone experienced with this.

Wrapping Up

Going through a loved one’s passing can be difficult. While things get easier with time, you may want to do something to celebrate their life. As appropriate as it might be, you mightn’t know how to honor a loved one with fashion. Each of the above ideas can be more than recommended.

Whether they’re the best option for you will depend on your personal circumstances. Will it be something that your loved one approves of and would want? If it is, then it’s definitely worth considering. Getting some other family members involved will also be more than recommended.

Spreading the love and memories around is always a good thing. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from celebrating their life.

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