All the Fall Vibes! New Colourpop Makeup 2021 #shorts

How gorgeous is this new Lucky Penny Collection? This new fall makeup, Colourpop collection is filled with the most gorgeous pumpkin spice inspired shades!

 It's definitely one of the most beautiful new Colourpop releases 2021. This Colourpop fall palette is so beautiful and retails for only $14. You can also use my Colourpop coupon code 5Alegra to save!

The blush and highlighter stick duo are absolutely stunning, as well as the lips in this new Colourpop makeup 2021 collection. This is definitely some of the best fall makeup 2021! Don't forget to enter my makeup giveaway 2021 too!

 Shop here and use my @colourpopcosmetics code 5Alegra to Save! #makeup #colourpop 

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