How to Blow Dry Hair 💇‍♀️ Blow Dry Brush 💫 Sleek Shiny Hair Tutorial #shorts

Hopping in today with a quick Youtube #shorts to share this how to blow dry hair, sleek shiny hair tutorial. Using a blow dry brush makes it super easy to get the at home blow out of your dreams! In this hair tutorial today, I show the hair tool that has totally changed my life and that is the Chi blow dry brush. The Revlon one step blow dry brush is also amazing so either one will do the trick. If you’re looking for a salon blowout and how to blow out your hair, then definitely pick up a blow dry brush it will change your life! It makes it super to achieve an easy at home blow out and will totally up your hair routine game.
Just a quick hair tips, make sure you use a heat protectant before you use your blow dry brush. As you see in the video today, I took my Chi thermal protection and combed through my hair before I blow dried it. Also in this at home blowout tutorial, I show how I run the blow dry brush through my hair but then when you get to your ends, you sort of flip them over the brush. It’s seriously gives you a salon blowout at home look. For even sleeker hair, you can go in with your hair straightener after you use your blow dry brush and you will not believe the results! Chi Blowout brush linked below Chi Straight Guard Thermal Protection SUBSCRIBE to my channel at​ for a new videos & to be entered in our monthly giveaways 💕

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