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Hi Beauties!! Hopping in today to share a vegan weight loss and grocery shop with me healthy video. I’m so happy that I am now eating healthy and have lost 25 pounds since I started this healthy lifestyle vegan diet. 
Vegan Weight Loss Tips I Vegan Vlog

In today’s video I share my healthy food haul and my grocery haul healthy, full of lots of delicious foods that are what I eat in a day vegan. I am mostly eating a whole foods plant-based diet and I feel amazing. In today’s video, I share lots of vegan snack ideas and give suggestions on what to eat if you’re vegan.

I definitely feel like I’ve had a weight-loss transformation since I’ve started this healthy diet, but more importantly, I feel amazing. I've never had so much energy and I don't even drink coffee's all from getting the nurtrients my body needs now from this plant based diet. I’m so happy with how my skin and hair looks too just from eating healthy food now. 

If you’re looking for weight loss tips, then definitely eating healthy with lots of vegan and plant plant-based options is the way to go. Make sure you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink water and natural juices and eat healthy food as much as possible. Don’t get sucked into all of these fades out there. The best thing to do is to love yourself and cherish yourself and your body by nourishing it with lots of healthy delicious food.

Even Kim Kardashian is now eating vegan..check out her recent IG post
Beyond Meat is so good!

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