Colourpop Land PR Collection Makeup Unboxing 2020�� Entire Colourpop Cand...

Colourpop Land PR Collection Makeup Unboxing 2020🍭 Entire Colourpop Candyland Swatches + Giveaway 🎉
Popping in today to share Colourpop Land PR collection swatches 🍭 I swatch the entire colourpop candy land swatches in this video of the new colourpop land collection.
I give a colourpop review, show Colourpop swatches of this new color pop collection. The Colourpop Candyland collection is now available here and in my Colourpop land review and makeup unboxing, I share my initial thoughts but I will be back with a look for you beauties very soon..this Colourpop makeup is so gorgeous on your face dolls!!
I show Coloupop lips watches in this video and give a candyland review, I also show glowing lip balm swatches, Colourpop Super shock blush swatches, princess lolly and more! also don’t forget to use my colourpop discount code for me Alegra Chetti, it is 5Alegra and you will save on your
colourpop candyland order and any items from this entire Colourpop x Candyland. hope you like this initial colourpop candy land review love you babes! I'll be back soon with a look I already filmed..loved everything!!

Purchase the Colourpop X Candyland collection here
Colourpop Candy Castle Palette

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