Soft Glam Holiday Makeup Look

With the holidays upon us, I thought I would pop in today with a natural glam, holiday makeup look. This is a soft glam makeup look, with glossy red lips perfect for a fun and festive holiday party or if you'd like to create a Christmas makeup look for yourself. 

Natural Glam Makeup Soft Glam Look
I think this is also good for a  Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial, if your looking for one of her more glam model makeup looks. I use my Alegra Chetti Setting Spray for that gorgeous, glowing skin makeup look that marries all of your makeup products together, creating a gorgeous, effortless radiant skin finish. Available on my website here , for a  limited time only use code GlowingSkin and receive 25% off your order.
Natural Glam Makeup Look I Soft Glam Makeup 
To create this natural glam makeup look tutorial,  I used the following beauty products:
  • Morphe Hit the Lights Palette so great for natural smokey looks or uber glam, sparkly colorful eyes..this palette does it all! I'm having a makeup giveaway for one, just let me know in the comments if you'd like to be entered!
  • One of My Favorite Lashes so good and only $4!
  • Fenty Contour in Mocha  This contour stick is truly life changing. I used to photograph with a very round, even square shaped face until I started contouring under my cheeks, as you'll see in my soft glam makeup tutorial video. Doing this has given me the illusion of a heart shaped face, which I love and photographs so well. The Fenty contour blends so effortlessly into your complexion, its not muddy or dry whatsoever. It's just absolute perfection! I never liked contouring prior to using this, I would do it but I didn't really liked it, if you know what I mean. Now since I discovered this Fenty contour, I love contouring. It truly looks natural and feels good on your skin. If you try it, I'm sure you will love it! I use the shade Mocha.
  • Morphe 404 brush ..favorite of life!!I use it for almost every product on my, contour, cream and powder blushes, it works amazingly well at perfectly blending every makeup product, easy and effortlessly! It is a small dual fiber brush that retails for only $8 here
  • Laura Mercier Setting Powder is my absolute must have setting powder. If you are in the market and would like a more brightened look, try mixing a bit of Fenty Lavender powder in with your Laura Mercier...the effect is nothing short of stunning on light to medium complexions. Mix the two powders together in the cap before applying a small amount to your face, so gorgeous!
  • Milani I AM Fierce mixed into the Laura Mercier. Laura Mercier Hot is primarily pink, so I mixed in the Milani red lipstick for a more red lips makeup look. 

Natural Glam Makeup Tutorial 

Soft Glam Kendall Jenner Makeup Look 
In other news, I'm so excited I'll be heading back soon to NYC for the holidays. We're leaving in just a few days and I cannot wait! I still have so much shopping to do and yes it might be cold but there's no place like home! We've been traveling forever and I just can't wait to get to get back. Hopefully, we'll get to go to Rockefeller Center and ugh..theres just a million things I can't wait to do! What are some of your favorite things to do in NYC? I'd love to hear all your favorites! 
I know Lola, my chihuahua hates the cold though, so hopefully it won't be too frosty when we get there. She literally holds her paws up and whimpers it hurts her so much! I guess I'll just have to keep her bundled up mostly and keep her in the house as much as possible. 
Hope you're doing good! Talk to you soon 

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