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Vitamin Hydrating Mist, Alegra Chetti  Setting Spray Beauty Mist
I'm often asked how I came up with my exclusive blend of the purest, all natural ingredients to create my Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist, which has been called the best setting spray on the market. 
I use my Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist not only on myself, but on all of my clients, including models I've worked on at fashion week. I also use it on bridal clients for weddings and for everyday clients who just want a makeover or to have their makeup done for a special occasion or night out.  My beauty mist leaves them feeling and looking amazing so they feel more confident, no matter the event or situation. 

The good news is, my setting spray is now available for you to purchase here. You can now use it yourself in creating your own gorgeous makeup looks at home or on the go.
Anti Aging Makeup
I perfected my exclusive blend over the years working as a professional makeup artist, where many of my clients have dry skin, uneven texture, enlarged pores and an array of different skin types. When you work as a makeup artist; you  work with so many different skin types and for me, my setting spray is absolutely essential in creating the most perfect canvas for your makeup to sit on. 
Glowing Skin Setting Spray 
It also smells incredible which is also just as important, as the aromatherapy benefits leave you feeling uplifted and  refreshed. The all natural vanilla scent is light, yet it's completely amazing. It's one of the first things that everybody loves when they mist it to their face. 
Dewy Skin Makeup Setting Spray
When using my Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist in makeup application for setting spray use, I apply it to my clients clean skin before applying  any other makeup products or primers. The wonderful thing about my natural, anti aging vitamin hydrating mist, is that as I  apply it to my own skin or that of my clients, I will see an anti-aging, plumping, glowing skin effect. It's my beauty mist hydrating the skin; and almost immediately, you’ll see the skin become more supple and less textured. Now when I can go in and apply foundation and my other skin and make up products, it’s just going to create the most gorgeous base for your makeup to be applied to and look that much more amazing. 

The reason that my setting spray does this is because it is filled with my array of skin loving, all natural ingredients. These ingredients nourish & the revitalize your skin, and is actually feeding your skin with an assortment of pure, essential nutrients. These all naturally sourced ingredients nourish your skin, making it look radiant and feel amazing. 
Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist Creator Alegra Chetti
For example, I use the purest form of cucumber fruit extract, which as its applied to your face, begins soothing irritated complexions. As it melts into the skin, it begins to hydrate drier complexions, nourishing and revitalizing, providing you with a radiant skin finish.

There are many other ingredients in my beauty mist which are among the purest in the world and are also the most ethically sourced. We use chamomile flower extract, green tea leaf extract & vanilla fruit extract to name a few of my favorites. These are all naturally sourced and not chemically created, like in many other setting sprays, beauty mists and skin care products on the market. That is why my setting spray exclusively gives you a radiant, glowing, plumped, youthful skin finish unlike any other setting sprays out there. 

Alegra Chetti Beauty
To continue on in how I use my natural setting spray in makeup application, after I use it as sort of a primer, I will apply foundation, concealer and powder products. After using these products, I like to mist my face again with  Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist Ultimate Setting Spray to help these products melt into your complexion and not sit on top and look dry or cakey. By using my product over powder products, you are going to help all of the makeup products that are on your skin to melt into your complexion and give you that flawless, radiant skin finish. 
Setting Spray for Makeup

You can also use Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist to make your shimmer shadows glitter and gleam & to make your favorite highlighter look dewy too. For shimmery eyeshadow looks, simply apply your shimmer shadows to your brush, mist with Alegra Chetti Setting Spray, then apply to your eyelid...your shadows will shimmer like never before! Follow the same steps above with your highlighter and apply to your cheekbones for a dewy makeup effect.

As a final step, I spray my glowing skin beauty mist over the finished makeup to seal the final look. This will make your makeup not only look glowing and radiant, but it will make your makeup last longer too. My clients are astounded at how long their makeup lasts after using my settings spray. You actually wind up saving money in the long run because you won’t have to do touchups during the day after using my setting spray as a makeup sealer. You won’t have any slipping & sliding of your makeup, your look will stay in place.  Your makeup will last all day when using my Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist makeup spray to set your makeup look. 

Another unique thing about my setting spray is that it gives you a glowing skin finish, yet not at all oily look.  I myself have extremely oily skin and yet using my setting spray does give you the glowing skin finish, but it also helps to control your oil as well. Your makeup will stay in place and will almost have a matte makeup effect. Your makeup will last longer, yet it will not be oily because our exclusive blend of ingredients. My vegan setting spray beauty mist actually helps your skin from  producing excess oil, as it creates a perfect balance on your skin. 
Hydrating Setting Spray

In addition to using my mist as a prepping and setting spray, many people love to use Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist without makeup. They use it on makeup free skin to hydrate, refresh and make their skin look amazing, even without makeup applied on top. Many people love it when traveling or after the gym to refresh their skin, misting it on their complexions to hydrate, nourish, refresh and anti-age on the go. 

I also have to mention I did create my beauty mist originally because I needed a cruelty free alternative to what was on the market. In order for me to do that, I had to go to the lab and have my setting spray specifically made to be cruelty free, yet work the absolute best. I love to always use only the very best makeup for myself and my clients, yet I needed it to be cruelty free. There was no other product like mine on the market, that does with my product does, that will make you look like my product that will, that is cruelty free. That is what drove me to create this amazing beauty product.

Glowing Skin Makeup Products 
Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased my setting spray. I’m so happy seeing all of your posts, pictures and testimonials expressing how much you love my makeup spray and how so many of you feel its the best makeup setting spray you've ever tried. 
Radiant Setting Spray
My all natural, glowing skin beauty mist is available on Amazon here and on my website here
Use the code shinebright to receive free shipping on my site and make sure to sign up for email alerts, and receive exclusive free gifts with purchase. 
Let me know if you have any other questions, can't wait to see what looks you create with your Alegra Chetti Beauty Mist!

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