Hi Beauties, I thought I would share today my all time favorite beauty vitamins! I love these vitamins so much and have been taking many of them for quite a few years. I'm so happy with how they work for me, I hope that you'll love them too!

NeoCell Collagen Beauty Builder
The first vitamin that is my absolute ride or die is the NeoCell super collagen. I have been taking this vitamin for at least six years now and this is hands down my number one favorite vitamin of life, my number one beauty vitamin. It has totally helped my hair to grow long and thick, it helps to keep my skin firm & plumped and keeps me looking so much more youthful naturally. 

I wasn’t sure of the science behind the amazing results I saw with this vitamin, until today when I sat down to write this blog. I did some research to try and find out  why exactly this collagen vitamin helps keep my skin looking much better when taking it.

As I mentioned in the video above, I originally started taking this vitamin for my hair; but now after seeing the effects that has also had on my skin, I cant help but to think it's just absolutely all around the best beauty vitamin ever.
Researching further on this collagen vitamin, I found that the actual primary benefit of this collagen supplement is to keep skin plumped looking and hydrated, resulting in firmer, softer skin.  I was not aware of that when I was originally started taking this vitamin, as I took it originally for my hair. I did see massive amounts of hair growth & my hair grew back in places where I had been basically bald! I had severe hair loss due to me (or rather the stylist) bleaching it and it breaking and falling out. 
 But after taking this super collagen from NeoCell, I had not only hair growth, but my nails grew longer and it just made my skin look amazing!
 It also helps promote lean muscle growth so I could not love this vitamin more. 
Best Beauty Vitamin

They do have new packaging now, which is this vibrant pink with a wave packaging seen above. If you do see this in store, know it is the same vitamin as before, it’s just that they have a new look.

These are two are good options, as well. Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C

These are amazing also!!
Collagen Gummy Version, Thanks Milagros for recommending it! 

NeoCell Collagen beauty vitamin

I'v tried taking powder collagen supplements and I just can't. I hate the taste and they actually make me want to gag, but the pill versions are great!

Another vitamin I absolutely love, although this is more for your body, is the GNC Women's Ripped Multipack. I do not take the stimulate formula, I only take the non stimulate version. The stimulant formula has one of the pills in it that makes your heart race and I recommend never taking those types  of pills. This one below does not do that. It does however provide lean muscle support and "helps regulate excess water and supports metabolism with a mix of high-quality fruit and herbal extracts".

I use the non stimulant formula only

I've recently gotten into gummy vitamins and I'm pretty obsessed with these from Olly below. They taste so good, I've got my husband taking them too now and he hates vitamins! The Olly Goodbye Stress really helps with anxiety.  I highly recommend taking some with you if you know you're going to be in an environment that stresses you out. I get stressed out in crowded places so I took these with me to Disney World recently and they helped so much. I felt so much more relaxed and able to have a good time.

Olly Stress amazing!!

After I had such a good experience with the Olly Goodbye Stress vitamins, I figured I would try their Undeniable Beauty gummy. These are so tasty and I really feel like my hair looks a lot shiner since taking them. 
Olly Undeniable Beauty Vitamin, less expensive on Amazon then in store

That'd pretty much it, Beauties. Let me know if you've tried any of these and what are your thoughts? Thanks again to Milagros on Youtube for recommending the gummy collagen vitamin.

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