I recently went to H&M and got quite a few new amazing & super affordable fashion items for fall. I was so inspired by how much I loved them, I decided to put together a mini fall fashion lookbook today, showing these great new items I picked up. Everything shown in todays video is primarily from H&M; but there are a few pieces here from Amazon Fashion and Forever 21, as well.
I’ll have everything shown linked below,  plus a few options that I just discovered online that I will definitely be picking up next. These are great staples for fall this year that I'd hate to be without.

The first item I show in todays video, are these black strappy, block heel sandals shown in the video with the animal print skirt. They are absolutely stunning and very reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston, 90s fashion. I love how they sort of elongate your legs and they also could not be more comfortable with the block heel. 

Another item that I show In this video today is this faux leather A-line skirt. It is absolutely so beautiful and definitely feels and looks high end. The version that I show in the video, I couldn’t find online but I did link a similar option below.  Hopefully if you go in store you can still find the version that I wear in the video today. It's perfection!

Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas  H&M Fall Fashion 
Another must have for fall fashion 2019 and also very 90s inspired as well, are the square neckline top I paired with the faux leather skirt.  They have some great options on Amazon fashion for square neckline short & long sleeve bodysuits that I'm stocking ups on.  In the video, I'm wearing a sleeveless version, as I am in Florida; but I also picked up a long sleeve version for when I head back to New York and colder temperatures.

Another top that I’m obsessed with for fall is the one shoulder bodysuit. I also spotted this H&M leather look black bodysuit which I will definitely be purchasing next as well. 

Another item shown in today’s video is this H&M denim A-line skirt. This skirt is a definite must have for fall, although any denim skirt will look amazing for this season. There are quite a few that I have my eye on and I'll be picking up next at H&M.
You cannot beat the prices of H&M denim and quality and if you pair your denim skirt with leggings underneath, I think it will look absolutely amazing this fall.

The A-line skirt that I showed today from H&M is available in several different prints and colors on the H&M site. They have a leopard print version, a black denim version, and an olive green version I love. There are so many versions of this denim skirt that I highly recommend checking out on the H&M site. 

Another item that I show in today’s video, that is definitely a fall must have, are snakeskin print tops. I am obsessed with this green snake skin shirt that I purchased at H&M and it is on sale now for only $9.99. It is so silky yet not see-through;  I cannot get enough of this top! It feels amazing on and looks so chic with basically any bottom for fall fashion looks.
H&M Fall Fashion l Amazon Fashion 
Another item that I show in today’s video is this pink zebra drawstring fitted sweatshirt.. Oh Em Gee!! Amazing! You have to try this sweatshirt on, you will not believe it! It’s  such a fun  fall top option!

I also show in today’s video my new H&M jeans that I picked up. These jeans are now on sale for only $10!  They actually feel look and where exactly like my high and denim that I have purchased such as Page Premium denim and  Khloe Kardashian’s Good American line. They feel exactly like their fit for so much less!  I seriously cannot believe they’re only on sale now for $10, although I did purchase mine for $30.

 A few other  items that I will have links below that I didn’t show on the video but I will definitely picking up is this crocodile pattern O ring bag and these knee-high boots. They're  faux crocodile patterned & I love how they seem to be more of a baggy fit, wide width type of knee-high boot, which I just love.  I think that also really elongates and slims your leg. I definitely consider these a must have for fall 2019 fashion looks.

I linked my bee belt below, which I picked up from Amazon Fashion, as well.  I think it pairs  amazingly with basically everything this season. 

Strappy Block Sandals 

Faux Leather A Line Skirt 

Square neckline Bodysuit 

Square Neckline Bodysuit Long Sleeve 

One Shoulder Bodysuit 

Leather Look Bodysuit 

H&M Denim A Line Skirt

Black Ribbed Turtleneck, Extra Long Sleeves

Super Skinny Jeans, Distressed Ankle 

Green Snakeskin Print top

Pink Zebra Print Drawstring Sweatshirt

Braided Sandals, This pair have a block heel

Lace Tie Ankle Boots

Bee Belt 

Knee High Boots 

Crocodile pattern O ring bag 

All Natural Glowing Skin Setting Spray 

Don't Forget you can now also pick up your glowing skin setting spray, Alegra Chetti natural beauty mist on Amazon at

Let me know your favorites for fall, I can’t wait to see! I will definitely be back with more  Fall 2019 Fashion looks.

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