OPI Pop Up NYC; Passport to Color Experience

OPI Pop Up 
I'm so happy I was able to stop by the OPI Pop Up in NYC this past week. This was OPI's first ever pop up and they did not disappoint! The theme of the OPI pop up was Passport to Color.  Once I stepped through the doors, I truly felt instantly transported to, not only another country; but another world!

The OPI pop up was decorated in vibrant colors, bursting with life, just like their nail polishes that I love so much. They had different immersive experiences you could walk through, things that for sure must inspire the OPI nail polishes gorgeous collections.
OPI Nail Polish

 One of my favorite experiences at the OPI pop up, was their oversized rose flower garden. I  stepped inside and was immediately surrounded by giant paper flowers, stunning pinks and pastel colored, so beautiful just like the OPI pink and rose colored polishes are.
OPI Vodka and Caviar Nail Polish 

OPI Pop Up

Also on display was the OPI Fall 2018 collection, inspired by the awe inspiring beauty of the mystical country of Peru. OPI had set up an intricately created Peruvian experience, with all of the detailed fabrics, colors and even candy inspired by the richness of the Peruvian culture.

 I was able to see this stunning collection for myself at the event and it is absolutely gorgeous! These OPI Peru Infinite Shine Collection colors range from stunning dusty rose shades, to deep burgundies and are available at ULTA.  Some of my favorites colors from the Peru Collection are the beautiful dusty rose shade "Somewhere Over the Mountain"  and the beautiful deep burgundy polish "¡Me llama es OPI!"
OPI Peru Collection 

I'm so glad the Peru collection is part of the OPI Infinite Shine collection. I personally use and love the OPI Infinite Shine polishes, which give up to 11days of wear and gel-like shine. It is a three step system but you do not need a UV lamp to cure and dry these amazing gel like nail polishes!
Lastly, my absolute favorite part of the OPI pop up though was the Metamorphis experience, inspired by the new OPI Metamorphosis Collection. With OPI glitter nail polish  colors like "Butterfly Me to the Moon", this four piece set is too gorgeous to resist!
 OPI had giant, brightly colored glitter butterflies, that weren't only stunning  to look at, but you could step up and become part of the butterfly yourself! It was so much fun to spread my wings and metamorphosis into a glitter butterfly!
The OPI staff was so kind and offered to take picture of not only me but lots of other beauties at the pop up, so we were all able to capture this incredible experience and have a wonderful souvenir of this special day to treasure  forever. 

OPI Metamorphosis Collection 
 Another great part of the OPI pop up was the shopping. In addition to the collections mentioned above, OPI also had the Fan Favorites available for purchase! These are OPI discontinued shades, that fans voted to be brought back for a limited time. Grab them while you can! One of my favorite discontinued shades that was brought back is "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ" I was gifted one in a set at the event and I love it so much! Thank you OPI!

OPI Mrs. O'Learys BBQ
At the OPI Pop Up, they also had a manicure station and delicious fun, snacks for guests to nibble on, so much fun!

Follow OPI social media, to see where the next OPI Pop Up will be, hopefully in a city near you! 

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