Hi Loves! I wanted to share my beauty event vlog from when I attended the Dior Backstage Collection event in NYC at Sephora recently. I had so much fun and met so many great artists you'll see in this video. Best of all, we got to meet Bella Hadid, who is the face of Dior Beauty. 
Bella was honestly so nice and looked even more beautiful in real life! Not to mention her makeup was absolutely stunning!

Dior Backstage Collection I Bella Hadid Dior Makeup 
Since this video, I have tried the Dior Backstage foundation further and truly love it. It's lightweight yet provides beautiful, weightless, soft coverage. At the event I also was able to try the new Dior perfume "Joy" and I absolutely loved it as well. I loved it so much, I purchased a bottle to take home. 

Dior "Joy by Dior" is  described as being crystal like and I would say that is a truly fitting description. It's very light, yet with hints of hard to place, unexpected notes, that come to you and just envelope you. It's  almost like when a crystal catches  the light and you're left breathless at its beauty. That's how this beautiful  fragrance makes me feel when I wear it and of course, joyous like its namesake. Dior "Joy" is said to have notes of rose, jasmine and creamy sandalwood, soft and not obvious at all, yet energetic. Love it so much! Dior Joy is available at Sephora here

Dior Joy 

 I'll have another vlog up on it soon, where I show all of the Dior makeup goodies I purchased at the event. I also received a beautiful gift bag that I'll show you as well in a future video. Thank you so much to Dior for having me.

In the video, you'll see NYC Dior makeup artist Destiny showing me how she using the Dior Airflash  foundation. Airflash is described as having 12 hr creaseless wear and as a definite must have. Destiny applied it in the video using the Dior buffing brush, which felt amazing on my skin and provided a completely flawless finish.

Check out some of the amazing NYC Makeup and hair artists seen in this video below: 

NYC makeup Artist KoKo Beauty I Dior Makeup 

NYC Makeup Artist KoKo Beauty

NYC Hairstylist Manny 

NYC Makeup Artist Destiny 

NYC Dior Makeup Artist Destiny 
Thanks so much for stopping by. LYBSM 💜

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