Live the Life You Always Imagined

For so long, I waited and waited for my dreams to come true. I always loved makeup and fashion and beauty, I always thought I had to wait for someone to give me a job, to give me the opportunity to do what I love. I waited and waited. 

One day, I just started doing it. I thought, I don't care if I'm paid or not, I'm doing this for me. I started creating from my love of beauty, just for the joy it gave me. I started to feel so happy, happier than I ever dreamed possible. 

I know now, that whatever you focus on expands, so when I began feeling happy and focusing on what made me happy, happiness expanded in my life. You can only truly focus on very few things, so you have to be disciplined and strong and focus on what brings you joy, on what brings you happiness. 

And then I promise you, before you know it, you will look around and realize, you're living the life of your dreams...the life you always imagined. 


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